What is Exercise to Earn and How to Sweat Mine for Crypto

June 6, 2022

WIRTUAL is an app that is the first of its kind, so there may be some terms that you are unfamiliar with. Here we will discuss in simple terms what it means to exercise to earn, and how you can sweat mine on the platform.

What is Exercise to Earn and How to Sweat Mine?

Exercise to Earn is a concept unique to WIRTUAL. All it means is that you can earn cryptocurrency by submitting your activity results to us. This is related to Sweat Mining. You may be familiar with the concept of mining for cryptocurrency on blockchain, sweat mining is similar to that in a sense that our platform rewards you with cryptocurrency that you can use for discounts on tangible items, use as payment on our platform, and even be able to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges (coming soon). However, our process is currently centralized: we verify the information (activity results) you send into us through our own systems and when it all checks out, you receive your WIRTUAL coins (you’ve just exercised and earned!) This easy and affordable way to mine is accessible to anyone who downloads the app and submits their activity results.

Get starting with Exercise to Earn: details on how to Sweat Mine

  1. Join a challenge (paid or free options available)
  2. Submit your activity results (within 7 days of the activity) through Strava, Fitbit or Garmin (Apple Health and Google Fit coming soon) to the WIRTUAL application.
  3. Our platform will verify the authenticity of the results (fraudulent submissions will result in a permanent banning of the user)
  4. WIRTUAL coins will be  distributed into your app wallet after 00:00 UTC+0 the following day.

Coins are limited for Sweat Mining when you Exercise to Earn

The amount of coins distributed per day is limited, therefore if there are more submissions than coins, rankings will come into play. You will be ranked based on your performance in the challenges and the higher ranks will receive a larger proportion of their max receive (determined by holder level).
You can learn more about sweat mining here.