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How to earn WIRTUAL coins

The problem with most non-athletes, is that sometimes we lack motivation to exercise. After a long day of work or studies, working out is the last thing we want to be doing. But what if we told you, you could make money from exercising? This might just be the little spark of inspiration you need to make more of an effort in your well-being.

We also wanted to cater to those interested in virtual fitness, but perhaps are not able to connect with their friends or to a larger community due to having different smart watches or applications. WIRTUAL solves this problem by creating one platform, compatible with all smart watches, that will allow you to stay engaged with your friends and be challenged as well as supported by your fitness community.

WIRTUAL aims to be the central platform in fitness that brings people together, fostering growth in your own personal well-being.

Introducing a new way to mine cryptocurrency

WIRTUAL introduces a new way to mine for cryptocurrency that is affordable and easily accessible to anyone. By simply tracking your running, walking, swimming, or biking activities on your usual fitness device (Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, with Apple Health and Google Fit coming soon), you are able to earn WIRTUAL coins.

How to earn coins:

1. Sign up for any challenge you are interested in. You will find both free and paid challenges available on the WIRTUAL app.

2. You will then have the option to submit the results of your chosen activity from your fitness device  (Strava, Fitbit, Garmin with Apple Health and Google Fit coming soon) to the WIRTUAL application. You will earn coins by submitting your results.

* Users submitting fraudulent results will be permanently banned.

3. Once results have been submitted, daily rankings are generated and WIRTUAL coins will be  distributed into your app wallet accordingly after 00:00 UTC+0 the following day.

Reward calculation in each category

If the number of submissions has not reached max rewards of 55,555.55 coins per day 

= You will get the full amount of coins per day (depends on your holder level).

If the number of submissions has reached max rewards of 55,555.55 coins per day

= You will get rewards based on rankings, taking into account the maximum amount of coins you can receive per day (depends on your holder level).

How we determine ranking

WIRTUAL awards a total of 20 million coins per year. Each day 55,555.55 coins will be distributed among participants that have submitted their results. A participant may have access to more than one submission per day if their Avatar's outfit is in the Epic (purple) tier. The daily coin threshold with be distributed among all app users by averaging the number of users with the number of results submitted within each activity type.

For example, 25,000 results have been submitted by players in one day.

5,000 of these results are from the running activity, equivalent to 20%

10,000 of these results are from the walking activity, equivalent to 40%

7,000 of these results are form the biking activity, equivalent to 28%

3,000 of these results are from the swimming activity, equivalent to 12%

Once the aforementioned percentages are determined, each activity class is given a proportional amount of the daily coins distributed. For example, running results made up 20% of all activity results, and the daily coin distribution limit is 55,555.55 coins. Therefore 20% of 55,555.55  coins is 11,111.11 coins. Meaning, 11,111.11 coins will be distributed among users that have submitted results for running. From the 11,111.11 coins to be distributed in the running category, the top runner will receive a larger proportion of coins. The proportion of coins received by each user will systematically decrease as we move down the daily ranking in the running category as shown below:

Rank 1: $$$$$$

Rank 2: $$$$$

Rank 3: $$$$

Rank 4: $$$

Rank 5: $$


Rank X: $

The distribution of coins within each activity category is calculated in the same way.


  • You will start receiving WIRTUAL after 00.00 UTC+0 from the following day that you have made a submission.
  • New users (default level) maximum receive per day is 0.1 WIRTUAL

*There are 7 holder levels

  • Default system: maximum 1 submission per day
  • NFT on avatar virtual clothes can give users more submissions per day and higher maximum coins received per day.