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Workout, get rewards– it's that simple! Earn $WIRTUAL through exercise and exchange them for store purchases or discounts.

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Enjoy Running, Walking, Swimming, Cycling, Dancing, and Working Out activities – from anywhere, at anytime. Simply submit your workout results to earn $WIRTUAL as a reward.
Working Out

Sweat Mining

WIRTUAL introduces a new way to mine for cryptocurrency that is affordable and easily accessible to anyone. By simply tracking your running, walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, or working out activities on your usual fitness device (Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health and Huawei Health), you are able to earn WIRTUAL Coins.

🏆 Top Gainer Users: $50+ per day
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Avatar + NFT Item

Updating character features can unlock special "powers" or privileges along with limited edition clothes that will only be available to you.
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Avatar 2.0

Coming soon (The end of March 2022)

The Next

Pave the way for the Metaverse that serves as a bridge between reality and virtual verse. All those who enter are indeed embraced with a sense of fantasy-inspired experience.


Sync smart watch & fitness wearables
with your favourite app

Apple Health
Google Fit

For Businesses

If you are a company that is holding a virtual event in running, walking, cycling, swimming, dancing or working out, you have access to all features on our application. Make your event an unforgettable one with just a few clicks!
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Q: How to register
- Choose your country code, enter your phone number.
- Enter the OTP code sent to you as verification in order to enter your account
- Tick “Terms and Conditions”
- Registered successfully
Q: How to get started
- Register the app
- Connect to health and fitness app
- Join a Challenge
- Exercise
- Submit your activity result
- Receive WIRTUAL Coins (00:00 UTC+0)
Q: How to buy NFTs?
NFTs wearable will unlock a variety of special features on the platform that will help you mine for even more cryptocurrency.For those who want to own NFTs here is how to buy one!

- Log in to Avatar Shop
- Choose your costume
- Click Buy Now
- Click Buy
Q : How to join a challenge
The challenges on the application include running, walking, biking, swimming, dancing, and more. You can choose any challenge at any distance you would like. There are free challenges and paid challenges.

There are two payment methods available:
- Credit / Debit card
Once you have made the payment, you can begin the challenge.

Here is how to join a challenge:
- Click "Challenge"
- Choose Event
- Choose Challenge
- Click "Join"
- Click "Your
- Cart "Click "
- Checkout "Shipping & Payment
- Payment Successful
Q: How to submit your activity results
There are 5 simple steps to submit your activity data:
- Click "Submit Results"
- Choose a type of exercise
- Choose your challenge
- Choose your activity result
- Click "Submit"

There are two ways you can send us your activity data:
- Upload Image (you will not be eligible to receive cryptocurrency with this method)
- Automatic Submission (you will be eligible to receive cryptocurrency with this method)


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