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$WIRTUAL coins, minted through your sweat, are the embodiment of your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Each move you make with WIRTUAL is automatically transformed into $WIRTUAL, offering you a tangible reward for your efforts. Elevate your fitness journey with us and watch your sweat transform into valuable, motivating resources.

Benefits of WIRTUAL Coin


Get rewarded for living a healthy lifestyle with crypto that can be exchanged for a gift voucher for shopping on premium products with our partners. Get fit, get lit.

Sport Event Ticket

Turn Your Efforts into Action! Exchange your $WIRTUAL Coins for exclusive sport event tickets. Transform your daily practice into a sport event ticket hosted by renowned organizers.

Unlock Feature

Maximize your earnings by accumulating $WIRTUAL in your Internal Wallet. Achieve the Holder Levels to unlock the exclusive features, incentives, and more. The greater your holdings, the richer your experience becomes!


Enjoy Discounts on Fitness Gear! Use $WIRTUAL to get exclusive discounts when shopping for fitness essentials on WIRTUAL Store. Discover a wide range of items from world-leading brands.

Trade on Exchange

Experience the seamless process of buying, selling, and trading $WIRTUAL. Transform your sweat from exercising into valuable assets. $WIRTUAL is available to trade on the world-renowned crypto trading platform such as PancakeSwap.


Utilize $WIRTUAL to acquire unique NFTs for your Avatar, enhancing your attributes and increasing your rewards from. Level up your fitness journey with NFTs that not only reflect your style but also boost your exercise incentives.

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