Virtual Sports Application

The WIRTUAL project began in 2019, born from a company, W JAMES VENTURES, that has been active since 2017. We are a next generation team dedicated to creating innovative solutions that improve lifestyles.

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Founding Story

WIRTUAL started out as a test project in the science of Growth Hacking. It was founded to solve a pain point in the market, to make exercise more fun, more immersive, and to bring people together in the virtual world. The first version of WIRTUAL was a web-based prototype designed to test the idea to see if it was viable in the market. We listened to our customers and collected feedback from our early users. We explored management results, issues in fraud, and even how to cope with an overload of users. With this information, we reworked our platform and are now ready to present you with WIRTUAL 2.0.

WIRTUAL MVP 2019 version

Founding Team

WIRTUAL was born under the vision of the company’s CEO, Supacheep Phornwatanakul, an ex-Hubba Growth Marketer accompanied by his co-founder, Aanant Sony, ex-Event Leads at GetLinks. The partnership began in early 2019. The pair worked closely with the lead designer and developer to release the first prototype version of the product in mid 2019.

WIRTUAL is born from the work of a highly dedicated team that pour their ideas, designs, creativity into the project as well as  follow through with the execution needed to create one of the most unique virtual exercise applications on the market. The team consists of designers with diverse specialities including User Interface, User Experience, 3D Designers, Graphic Designers and more. Additionally, the developer behind the application has been able to put out the best in terms of coding, bringing the visions of the CEO and the designers to life.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to create a virtual world where our users can spend their time productively in the Metaverse. We want to expand our application and create an entire ecosystem in the form of a new type of social media platform that has never been done before.

Our mission is to encourage and reward healthy habits. Every time you exercise, you earn cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase tangible or intangible products. We care about data privacy and want to put its control back into the hands of our users, allowing you to be the ones that decide whether or not we have access to it.


In the year that WIRUTAL 1.0 has been on the market, it has experienced tremendous success with corporate clients who have used the platform to organize private events for its employees. Some of our well-known clients include Mitsubishi Electric Thailand, Suntory PepsiCo Thailand, NBA Sports Management, Lion Thailand, Thai Nippon, Schneider Thailand, Bosch Thailand and Banpu Vietnam.