What's New

And what's coming on WIRTUAL application

🔥Week #19 of 2022

✅Bug fixes, and performance improvements

✅“Air Challenge” New Challenge from 4 Elements series

✅ New Challenge "Muscle to Earn"

✅ New Airdrop Campaign “WIRTUAL x Under Armour Thailand All Out Mile Airdrop"

✅ Launch NFT Transaction

✅ Launch Emily's Twitter


✅NFT transfer

✅Huawei connection

May 16, 2022

🔥Week #18 of 2022

✅Bug fixes 

✅Challenge page performance improvements

✅New Challenge “Across the Universe”

✅New Airdrop Campaign “Cat Box Airdrop”


✅NFT transfer

✅Huawei connection

May 9, 2022

📣Week #17 of 2022

✅Adding New Avatar Item 

✅Adding Slot for Wing

✅Avatar 360 Degree Rotation

✅Sound Effects

✅Bug fixes and performance improvements

🔥Upcoming Features

✅Huawei Health connection

✅New Challenge


May 2, 2022

📣Here's an update for April on what we were doing and what's coming!  

🔥Week 1-3 of April

✅ OG Coach Launch

✅ Avatar Shop Launch

✅ Burn the remaining coins that have left from the sweat mining in Q1

✅ Avatar 2.0 Launch

✅ Apple Health Launch

✅ Re-design of feed page: Adding  5 simple steps instruction and WIRTUAL's live price

✅ New apps connection button

✅ 1st Platinum Holder Reward "Platinum Wing"

✅ 2nd Platinum Holder Reward "WIRnium Skin"

🔥Upcoming Features

✅ Huawei Health Launch

✅ New Challenges


April 26, 2022

Connect with friends

Meet up with your friends to compare, complete, and keep each other on track. 

This new feature not only makes your activities more enjoyable, but it also makes WIRTUAL a gathering place for healthy enthusiasts to get together or to catch up with friends for enjoyment.

NOTE : Users can only follow and unfollow in the current version; further features will be released in the near future. Stay tuned!

March 11, 2022

"New Submission Requirement: Minimum 5 Minutes of Exercise"

Building a platform that encourages its users to live a healthy lifestyle has been one of WIRTUAL’s key primary goals since its inception. We would like to announce that there will be a minimum 5 minutes of exercise required per submission.

In addition to encouraging users to truly exercise, it also reduces the possibility of data discrepancies caused by exercising for too short a period of time.

We are committed to a process of continual improvement to ensure that every user of WIRTUAL has a superior experience of use.

March 7, 2022

Indoor Activities

We are pleased to announce that the indoor activities are now available at WIRTUAL

✅ Indoor running distance will be deducted by 10% from the summited results

✅ Indoor walking distance will be deducted by 10% from the summited results

✅ Indoor cycling distance will be deducted by 10% from the summited results (Activity results included ‘power’ from power meter will not be deducted)

✅ Indoor swimming distance will NOT be deducted

📣Remark : The submitted results without GPS will be considered indoor.

March 1, 2022

Challenge page new design

✅ New Layout

✅ Stage Countdown: Registration close in , Challenge Start in, and Challenge Close in

✅ Item detail reward

We sincerely appreciate your feedback as it helps us build a better experience for our users.

March 1, 2022

Premium Starter-Kit New Extended distance

For those who have participated in the Premium Starter-Kit, you will be happy to hear that due to customer feedback, we have added the fifth challenge for running, walking, cycling and swimming as follows

✅ 2,000-kilometers for running 

✅ 1,000,000-steps for running 

✅ 10,000-kilometers for cycling

✅ 300,000-meters for swimming 

Simply completing the previous challenge will allow you to access this next distance for free!

NOTE: Premium Starter-Kit will be available until March 15, 2022.

February 25, 2022

PowerUp! Exclusive Privileges for Premium Starter-Kit and Starter-Kit Users.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to our customers for your continued support through purchasing Premium Starter-Kit and Starter-Kit Challenge. Your participation in the WIRTUAL’s beta version truly offers us an opportunity to improve features and tools to a higher standard. 

WIRTUAL will be unveiling a feature called ‘PowerUp’. This new feature offers users the opportunity to combine items in order to make one item more powerful.

"PowerUp" will double an item’s original stats. For example, a shirt which provides +1.5 max receive of WIRTUAL Coins per day, will be upgraded to +3 max receive of WIRTUAL Coins per day.

Those who have purchased up to 3 packages of Premium Starter-Kit will be able to combine the items in order to increase sweat mining efficiency. The terms and conditions are as follows:

1. Those who have acquired 3 different types of activity of Premium Starter-Kit Challenge.

All 3 items can be combined to create one 'Legendary' item, with double the stats. The combined items will be categorized as 'Type All' which will be applicable to all activities.

For example, 3 pairs of shoes acquired from participating in 3 different types of Premium Starter-Kit activities can be combined to become one 'Legendary' (pair of shoes that can be used with any activity).

2. Those who have acquired 4 different types of activity of Premium Starter-Kit Challenge.

You may combine items to make a new 'Mythic' item, which can be used to increase your max receive by +5 WIRTUAL Coins per day. In addition, the combined items will be categorized as 'Type All,' which will be applicable to all activities.

Equipping your avatar in a full set will then increase up to +10 WIRTUAL Coins per day. The combined items will be applicable to all activities.

PowerUp feature will be available during March 17-25, 2022. Please stay tuned as you will have only one week to PowerUp the item. 

You will be able to stake ‘WIRTUAL STK Premium Bag’, on BH NFT Marketplace which will allow you to earn more coins! (Coming soon)

Premium Starter-Kit and Starter-Kit will only be available until March 15th.

March 17, 2022

USD currency is now display on WIRTUAL 

We have included a price display in USD to the platform in order to ensure the highest ease of use.

The US Dollar Index will be updated every 8 hrs.

February 28, 2022


As the convenience of users is our utmost priority. We've made some changes to the registration process to make it even easier for you! Simply follow the below steps

✅ Enter your name.

✅ Fill in the phone number Click ‘’Submit’’

✅ The OTP verification code will be sent to your devices.

✅ Enter the OTP verification code.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, let's get started on the fun challenge!

February 24, 2022