Empowering Growth: WIRTUAL x JFIN to Expand Ecosystem Boundaries, Introducing $WIRTUAL Coin on JFIN Chain through Liquid Crypto

December 18, 2023

WIRTUAL has announced a new partnership with JFIN Chain, Thailand’s biggest blockchain developed by J Ventures, a subsidiary owned by Jaymart Group Holdings Pty. This partnership paves the way to introducing $WIRTUAL onto the JFIN Chain, allowing users to cross-chain bridge $WIRTUAL and complete all of their transactions effortlessly in the one platform through “Liquid Crypto'', the Australian complete DeFi platform. 

Khun Supacheep Phornwatanakul, CEO and Co-founder of WIRTUAL

Khun Supacheep Phonwattanakun, CEO and Co-Founder of WIRTUAL, has revealed the road map plan for this inaugural partnership between JFIN and WIRTUAL as follows:  

Roadmap JFIN Chain x Liquid Crypto x WIRTUAL

.Phase 1: JFIN x WIRTUAL (Q1/2024)

🔗 LIVE! Users can easily cross-chain bridge $WIRTUAL from BNB Chain to JFIN Chain through the Liquid Crypto platform at https://app.liquidcrypto.finance/bridge

🎯 Integrate WIRTUAL app with the Join app, allowing token holders to redeem discount voucher and special privileges using $WIRTUAL.

🌟 Exclusive campaign, exciting rewards for $WIRTUAL and JFIN token holders.

Phase 2: Moving forward to build the ecosystem and expand the market (Q1/2024 - Q2/2024)

💲 Exercise through the WIRTUAL app and earn JFIN or Join Coins.

🏆 Fun, friendly competition challenge with the JFIN community.

🎁 Staking campaign with exclusive rewards.

👾 Exclusive NFT items with real-world utilities for token holders.

Phase 3: Connecting Web3 to the B2B2C world (Q2/2024 - Q3/2024)

🌍 Drive digital transformation to make businesses transition into Web3 easier and reward employees for living an active and healthier way of life.

Thanawat Lertwattanarak, CEO of J Ventures

Mr. Thanawat Lertwattanarak, CEO of J Ventures, the developer of platforms and technology in Digital Transformation (DX) under J Mart Public Co., Ltd. (JMART), stated, “This partnership is a testament to our commitment to delivering real-world use cases to Web3. We are determined to make these innovative healthcare solutions accessible and user-friendly for individuals and businesses. In addition, in the near future, we plan to bring WIRTUAL to connect with businesses in Jaymart’s ecosystem.”

WIRTUAL x JFIN Steps Challenge 

WIRTUAL x JFIN Steps Challenge หรือชาเลนจ์แข่งขันสะสมก้าวเดินผ่านโทรศัพท์มือถือ

In addition to partnership announcement, we've launched a WIRTUAL x JFIN Steps Challenge on WIRTUAL app where anyone can join and get a shot at winning FREE TOKENS which can be used to redeem special rewards on the Join Application

Rules are simple! Just walk and climb up to the top 10 in the rankings to win prizes:

🥇1st place win 300 JFIN Coins 

🥈2nd place win 1,000 Join Token

🥉3rd place to 10th place will each win 100 Join Token.

Token you earned will be airdropped directly to your registered account on Join Application within 7 - 15 days after the challenge is ended.

📌Note: The phone number you use to sign up the Join Application MUST match the phone number you register for WIRTUAL account. 

About WIRTUAL x JFIN Steps Challenge

⏰Challenge period: now - 31 January 2667 

⛳Unlimited participants

📢The winners will be announced instantly after the challenge ends.

🚚Coins will be airdropped into your account on Join Application within 7 - 15 days after announcing the winners.

How to join challenge
1. Download WIRTUAL app >> https://wirtual.onelink.me/0Nne/ver2
2. Sign up and sign in using phone number
How to sign up WIRTUAL account
3. Connect with steps tracking app Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android)
How to connect with Health (iOS)
How to connect with Google Fit
3. Scan QR Code using WIRTUAL app
How to scan the QR Code to join challenge
Scan above QR Code to join WIRTUAL x JFIN Challenge

4. Join Completed! Let’s get moving and keep those steps coming 

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