Importance of health and financial security for people entering the workforce

Why the People Entering the Workforce Should Care About Their Health and Financial Security

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Why the People Entering the Workforce Should Care About Their Health and Financial Security

Having good health and making secure investments are important because it provides you with the foundation you need to spend your early working life in bliss. If you put some of your money into investments now, by the time you retire, you will have something to fall back on. And if you exercise regularly, you may live a longer life and get to extend your time with your family.

With this general idea of why making investments and exercising regularly in your younger years is important, let’s get into why the people who are entering the workforce specifically should care about this. In this article, we will also recommend how to start exercising regularly and where to begin making investments, which you can implement in your life today.

Why should people entering the workforce care about their health and financial security?

In this article, we discuss young people entering the workforce full time in particular because at this phase in life, you are beginning to make money. And with this level of financial security, you can start to plan out your life. However, having financial security and having a job comes with its own problems. In particular, many develop mental health issues stemming from stress, whether it is from work or from personal life. Other health issues could arise from being overworked and not getting enough rest. Your 20s and 30s also tend to be a time when physical health issues arise, and your body may begin to show warning signs of possible serious illness in the future. This is precisely why investments are important at this age. Putting your money into investments is a form of saving and growing your money. This will provide you with lasting financial security even in old age. In the same way, this is why exercise is important too, so you can maintain good health in those later years.

Making investments at this age and exercising is a form of managing your well-being. Doing this will not only benefit you in the future, but in fact, will enhance your life experience in many ways. Read on to find how else investments and exercise will improve your life:

1. How does exercise improve the lives of those entering the workforce?

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At the beginning of your career, it can often feel like work and stress come hand-in-hand. If left unchecked, this could morph into deeper mental health issues. Exercising consistently can help to manage these risks in a natural way because exercise releases endorphins, or “happy hormones”.

Other than endorphins, exercise also improves sleep quality according to research by the National Sleep Foundation. According to this study, it was found that those exercising regularly, regardless of whether it was intense or light exercise, felt like they got a deeper and more restful sleep than those who did not exercise. If getting quality sleep is an issue for you, exercising may help.

The advantages of exercise does not end here. Exercise also improves productivity at work. A survey that questioned its participants on the advantages of exercise found that other than improving mood and health, exercise also made them more productive, helped them manage their time better, and even improved their ability to reach their daily goals at work.

2. Increase sources of income and supplement your salary each month

Advantage of investment
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When we think of investments, most people tend to think long term– investing now for a payoff far into the future. However, there are people who also trade and don’t hold these assets for a significant period of time. There are many assets that people trade in today such as stocks and cryptocurrency, which has recently gained popularity all over the world.

Those at the beginning of their careers tend to place great importance and priority in their work, sometimes to the point where making investments and taking care of one’s well-being becomes neglected. If this happens one may find themselves in old age with little money saved up and poor health. For this very reason, we recommend that you start prioritizing making investments and looking after your health from now on. It will no doubt bring you huge benefits in the future.

How can I begin to exercise to improve my health and make investments for a secure future?

Now that you understand why it is so important that young people entering the workforce make investments now and exercise consistently, you may wonder how you can begin to implement this in your life. The rest of this article breaks this down into three simple things you can follow to get started.

1. Utilize technology to make exercising easier and more accessible 

Today, exercise isn’t inconvenient anymore. You don’t even have to get dressed and go to the gym. In this day and age, there are so many tools that aid in making exercise simple and easy to do from home. There is also technology that can make exercising more fun, like smart watches that track your progress, store results, and help you to see your improvements over time. You may find this to be motivating, and it could get you exercising more.

There are also applications that make exercising more engaging and interesting such as WIRTUAL, Zwift, and ROUVY. There are even NFT activities which allow you to mine for cryptocurrency as you exercise which you can then  hold onto or spend on purchasing NFTs. This especially suits those who are working, who not only want to take better care of their health, but also want to invest in NFTs and cryptocurrency at the same time.

2. Start exercising with tools that are accessible 

As mentioned earlier, exercise is no longer complicated and unaccessible. Anyone can begin their fitness journey easily with activities that are already around you. There are exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime such as running, walking, or cycling. We recommend that you find 15-20 minutes of spare time each day to do one of those activities. And if your home is close to your workplace, you can even choose to run, walk, or cycle there. Transform your usually boring commute into something that can be fun and good for you.

If you have more spare time, and you want to switch up the scenery, try swimming. Swimming is a well rounded activity that works at strengthening every part of your body.

3. Begin making safe and stable investments for a more secure future.

In terms of investments, both long and short term, we recommend that you choose assets that are safe and have a positive trajectory. With that in mind, we recommend the following assets to invest in:


Stocks tend to be the first choice for investors. The advantage with stocks is that they are secure and there is a good chance that your investments will grow. However, the stock market can be volatile at times, and it is possible that you could lose your investment. You must be willing to take a certain level of risk, and face possible loss to be suited to investments in stocks. Other than this, investing in stocks involves reliance on an intermediary such as a bank or an investment fund. These intermediaries add to processing time and also charge a large service fee.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are similar to stocks, but are less risky. They are usually held as long term investments. The profits may not be as significant as investing in stocks, but the risk of losing your investment is also very low. Investing in mutual funds also requires an intermediary such as a bank or an investment fund specializing in mutual funds.


Other than stocks and mutual funds which investors tend to choose, there is also gold, an equally sought after asset. This is due to its security as a safe asset and its acceptance from banks around the world. The advantage of investing in gold is that when there is a crash in the economy, the price of gold increases, which could mitigate losses that would occur at this time. Investing in gold is suited for those looking for a long term investment. You can invest in gold through a dealer or through a fund.


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The advantage when it comes to cryptocurrency and other digital assets is its security in terms of blockchain. On the blockchain system, information on digital assets are stored safely, there is no need for an intermediary, it is transparent, and transactions are very quick. More importantly, cryptocurrency is trending positively and is poised to continue growing in the future. Many large firms are becoming interested in this asset and are also making investments in crypto. This signals to the rest of us that cryptocurrency can be trusted. On top of this, cryptocurrency also has real use cases. Many are accepting it as a form of payment. It is quite possible that cryptocurrency will function like cash in the future. This is an investment suited for those willing to invest long term to see positive results.


People entering the workforce, as in those at the early stages of their career, have much to look forward to. If you want to be able to spend money on the things you want, on traveling, and live a long life with your family, it is important that you take care of your health and make smart investments now. Today, there are ways you can do both simultaneously such as through WIRTUAL, a fitness application that allows you to transform your workout sweat into cryptocurrency, which you can hold on to and spend in your later years as your coins increase in value. Applications like this also make your exercise routine more exciting than it has ever been.