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5 Tips to Sustain a Healthy Lifestyle

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5 Tips to Sustain a Healthy Lifestyle

In these trying times, many of us are struggling to begin to work on or maintain our well-being. And that’s understandable– our lives have been turned upside down. Here, you will find tips of things you can try to adapt to these new circumstances, and find your way back to a healthy lifestyle.

what can I do to stay healthy during quarantine?

You don’t need a gym to exercise

There are so many ways you can stay active without a gym. In fact, this is a great opportunity to open your mind and learn more about yourself and what else you might be into. Try something new like a home workout with dumbbells, yoga, or an outdoor activity like running or cycling. 

One way to get started is with Wirtual, an app that allows you to enter challenges with others and compete virtually in running, walking, cycling, and swimming. You can workout anytime, anywhere, and be a part of a community you can compete with as well as find mutual support in!

Try out new recipes

Learning new recipes is a fun way to make eating healthy exciting. Put those takeout menus aside, and show yourself some love by making something from scratch! The internet is full of resources, you can even follow along a video on Youtube.

Find a routine

When things are changing, it is important to maintain some sense of stability in life, and coming up with a new routine can really help with finding calm and dealing with stress. Have a consistent waking up and bed time, for example, or taking a specific time of day to meditate, exercise, journal, do your skincare or whatever it is your activity of choice may be. Come up with a general daily schedule and stick to it.

Spend your time on activities that feed the soul

When you’re stuck at home, its easy to fall back on watching series and playing video games for hours on end, but there is so much more you can do at home. Look at this time as an opportunity to work on things that you may have felt like you never had the time for before. There are apps out there that teach languages, videos you can follow to learn how to draw, websites that will teach you how to code… Find your thing! Feel good with your pastime and maybe even come out of this pandemic with an interesting new skill. 

Make staying in touch virtually exciting 

Lockdown can be lonely business, but there are ways you can still have activities with friends. You can play games online or download board game applications. Try having calls where you take each other through a yoga routine or have a cooking class. Challenge each other to competitions on your smart watches, or if you don’t have the same watch, you can use the Wirtual app!

The world may feel closed right now, but your mind doesn’t have to be. Use this opportunity to get creative and learn more about yourself. Whether you are experiencing lockdown or not, show yourself some love and stay healthy!