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Crypto Gift Day Challenge

Crypto Gift Day Challenge

New challenge opening on date. Run, Walk, Cycle or Swim and get a cryptocurrency gift along with each challenge– the bigger the challenge, the bigger the giveaway! 

This challenge is based on sending in as much activity results as you can within a certain number of days. There are no distance or speed requirements, just do your best! 


Upon signing up for each challenge you will receive the following gifts, no strings attached!

7 Day Challenge

receive 100 WIRTUAL coins the moment you sign up

10 Day Challenge

receive 500 WIRTUAL coins the moment you sign up

15 Day Challenge

receive 1,000 WIRTUAL coins the moment you sign up

30 Day Challenge

receive 5,000 WIRTUAL coins the moment you sign up

90 Day Challenge

receive 10,000 WIRTUAL coins the moment you sign up

Not enough coins for you? Show us how active you can get during your challenge days and send us your results to earn even more crypto on top of your sign up gift!


WIRTUAL 2.0 is a platform for running, walking, biking, and swimming challenges. This virtual exercise platform is unlike any other, it allows you to transform your sweat into cryptocurrency (W Coins). With WIRTUAL you can workout whenever, wherever. You can sync your activity results to WIRTUAL 2.0 to compete with other users on the platform and win all sorts of prizes from challenges, depending on the challenge you have chosen to join.

Welcome to the WIRTUAL World!

Download to join challenges:

iOS >> 

Android >> 


There are 4 ways you can send in your activity results:

  1. Connect with Smart Watches for automatic uploads 
  • Garmin
  • Fitbit
  • Apple Watch (coming soon)
  • Google Fit (coming soon)
  1. Connect with applications for automatic uploads
  • Strava
  1. Upload an image go your activity results
  • Screenshot your activity results from any application and upload it to the WIRTUAL platform. Date, distance, and time must be shown in the image.

*Activity results do not have to be sent in for you to receive our gift. You will receive the giveaway price just from signing up!

*Sending in activity results will allow you to earn more crypto in addition to your sign up gift



Q: When do I get my gift?

A: You receive your gift of certain amount of WIRTUAL coins (depending on the challenge you have chosen, see details above) once you have signed up for the challenge. You do not need to make any submissions to receive the gift.


Q: How do I start my activity?

A: Once you have registered for a challenge, you can begin your activity immediately– anywhere, at anytime. Use your smart watch or fitness application to record your activity. Once you are done, you can sync your results to our application or submit your results via image upload if you wish.


Q: I have paid to join a challenge, why can’t I start my challenge?

A: If you have paid through bank transfer, the platform takes 24 hours to verify the payment before you are able to start the challenge.


Q: I have submitted my activity results, why haven’t I received WIRTUAL Coins?

A: You must submit activity results automatically through Strava, Garmin, or Fitbit only. Submissions through image upload is not eligible for receiving WIRTUAL coins.


Q: If the app is deleted and re-downloaded, will all my data be erased? 

A: Your data will still be there, awaiting your return..

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