Will you m̶a̶r̶r̶y̶ walk with me through the

Couple Challenge

Your steps can make amazing things happen! Walk together with your partner, friends, family or colleagues for a chance to win luxury prizes.

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Luxury Prizes

Exclusive walking challenge where entrants have a minimum 1 in 1000 chance of winning grand prizes.


CHANEL Small Classic Handbag Grained Calfskin Size 10

~9012.11 USD (1 Prize)

Cartier LOVE Wedding Band, 1 Diamond

~2,160.26 USD (1 Prize)


~2,279.53 USD (1 Prize)


~2,120.50 USD (1 Prize)

Gucci Ophidia GG Small Backpack

~1,669.89 USD (1 Prize)

IPHONE 14 PRO Max 128

~1,099 USD (1 Prize)

Balenciaga Men's Explorer Small Pouch

~1,163.62 USD (1 Prize)

MacBook Air M1

~929 USD (1 Prize)

IPhone 14 128 GB

~799 USD (1 Prize)

Hermes Clic Clac H Bracelet

~724.95 USD (1 Prize)

iPad Air

~549 USD (1 Prize)

Dior WALLET Oblique Jacquard

~490.37 USD (1 Prize)

PS5 Digital Edition

~500 USD (1 Prize)

Celine Small Triomphe Belt in Smooth Calfskin

~463.86 USD (1 Prize)

Nintendo switch OLED

~349.99 USD (1 Prize)

Apple Watch Series 8

~399 USD (1 Prize)

Dyson V8 Slim™ Fluffy

~400 USD (1 Prize)

Cassandre Saint Laurent Matelassé Card Case

~267.71 USD (1 Prize)

AirPods Pro 2

~249 USD (1 Prize)


~189 USD (1 Prize)


Wedding Collection NFTs

Avatar costume worth ~79.43 USD (800 Prizes)

Fashion Wearables
NFTs (Epic)

Avatar costume worth ~26.48 USD (1,000 Prizes)


WIRTUAL Ventures Warrior (Running)

Each +0.2 $WIRTUAL/Day
Worth ~9.64 USD each

WIRTUAL Ventures Warrior (Walking)

Each +0.2 $WIRTUAL/Day
Worth ~9.64 USD each

WIRTUAL Ventures Warrior (Cycling)

Each +0.2 $WIRTUAL/Day
Worth ~9.64 USD each

WIRTUAL Ventures Warrior (Swimming)

Each +0.2 $WIRTUAL/Day
Worth ~9.64 USD each

WIRTUAL Ventures Warrior (Dancing)

Each +0.2 $WIRTUAL/Day
Worth ~9.64 USD each

WIRTUAL Ventures Warrior (Working Out)

Each +0.2 $WIRTUAL/Day
Worth ~9.64 USD each

Exclusive! Walk together with your partner.
Buy a ticket once, enjoy the fun for 1 year. One ticket, unlimited rewards to explore.

Walk into Prizes

For every 150,000 steps combined, you unlock a ticket to win exciting prizes

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Couple Challenge

Build a better health, wealth and relationship while taking a walk with your special ones.

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Get Started in 4 Steps

Simply follow the steps outlined below to join in the fun!

1. Buy Ticket

2. Get Ticket via Email

3. Download & Scan

4. Walk into Step Goals


Buy Ticket

Couple Challenge ticket is available for purchase on Brand Store. A ticket will valid for one year from the date of issue and all step goals must be completed within the validity period.

📌 Note: One ticket is valid for 2 persons.


Get Ticket via Email

A ticket along with QR Code for joining a challenge will be sent to the email that you've provided upon the purchase of a ticket.


Download & Scan

WIRTUAL is available for Download on both iOS and Android. Once you're in the app, simply tap the QR Code icon on the top right corner and point your camera towards the QR Code shown in the ticket to join the challenge.


Walk Towards Step Goals

Once your combined steps hit a goal, you get one entry into drawing prizes from the Couple Gashapon Machine. Every ticket wins! There's no way you walk away with your hands empty.

Win Your Prizes

Every 300,000 steps, you're guaranteed to win a prize!

Enter The Gashapon Shop

Choose from the gachapon machines in which you want to use a ticket for. Each machine contains a wide variety of items for your selection.

Use a Ticket

Head over to the Couple Gachapon Machine to use a ticket and stand a chance to win rewards and prizes. Every ticket wins! But if you happen to have the lucky ticket, then you get the grand prize!

Refer & Earn

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Q: How many people can access per one QR Code?
A: One QR Code is valid for 2 persons
Q: How long a challenge lasts?
A: Challenge is valid for one year from the date of joining. 
Q: How many times can I join the challenge?
A: Only one account may join at a time (within the validity period of the challenge)
Q: Is it possible to walk solo?
A: Yes, it however, may take more time to achieve a step goal. It would be better if you could invite your partner to join in the challenge; a partner could be your friend, family, colleagues, acquaintance or anyone – limitless.
Q: Is a smart watch required to join the challenge?
A: You don’t need to strap on a smart watch to get started, your smartphone will do! Simply connect with Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android) to sync steps data.
Q: Why are my steps not being counted?
A: You’re required to connect with Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android) to sync step data. Note: Android users must download Google Fit prior to installing WIRTUAL app.
Q: How many steps can I take per day?
A: The maximum steps a user can take per day are limited to 15,000 steps, and combined steps are limited to 30,000 steps.
Q: Will my steps be reset to zero each time I claim a raffle ticket?
A: Once a raffle ticket is claimed, steps will be reset back to zero.
Q: How many tickets am I eligible to claim throughout the challenge's validity period? 
A: You can redeem a ticket as many times as you want as long as the challenge is valid and your steps reach 300,000 steps.
Q: Who will be eligible to claim for a ticket since there are 2 participants?
A: Both participants will be eligible to claim a ticket. A ticket will be granted to a claimant.