Lastest Update 1 Sep 2023

Brand & Press

Thank you for your interest in to WIRTUAL's brand and press. This page breaksdown  the guidelines to be followed with regards to all marketing communications involving WIRTUAL, including advertising, articles, websites, and printed promotions.


WIRTUAL's logo is in the shape of the letter W, positioned in an upward sloping fashion, The final line in the letter is made up of four stripes. The logo uses pink and purple hues of color which are specified below.

Main logo


Logo Don't

Please make sure to never do the following with the WIRTUAL logomark.

Don’t add shadows behind the logo

Don’t add outlines to the logo

Don’t place on low contrast colors

Don’t use logo without icon

Don’t apply logo in low resolution

Don’t stretch the logo

Don’t use vertical


Shown below are the main colors used in the WIRTUAL logo, please do refrain from deviating from these colors in all marketing communications involving WIRTUAL.



Below are acceptable logo types available for download.

Main Logotype
White Logotype
Icon Application

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