WIRTUAL ultimate guide book updated version!

October 12, 2022

Complete every aspects of using WIRTUAL with WIRTUAL’s Ultimate Guide Book, a book that includes insightful instruction of function and features on WIRTUAL apps. If you want to know us more read this!

How to start WIRTUAL?

How to start WIRTUAL?

WIRTUAL is an Exercise to Earn application that motivates you to get up and exercise more. We intend to promote an active and healthy lifestyle that offers the opportunity for you to earn more rewards from your workouts. 

You can now begin your WIRTUAL journey by downloading WIRTUAL from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). It’s that simple!

Furthermore, we suggest you join our WIRTUAL communities on Facebook, Telegram, or Discord. We are ready to answer all of your questions right away!

Facebook : ‘WIRTUAL Community’ > https://www.facebook.com/groups/3117818528435122 

Telegram : ‘WIRTUAL Thai Community’ > https://t.me/wirtual_community_th 

Discord : ‘WIRTUAL’ > https://discord.gg/yNKWZyE8 

How to register?

How to register?

After you’ve downloaded WIRTUAL, you will need to register an account on WIRTUAL using your current phone number and set up your password. Most importantly, please don't share your password with anyone for your own safety.

These are 5 steps to 

1. Click ‘Register’

2. Choose your country code and enter your phone number

3. Create your Password (Your password must contain at least 8 characters with at least one uppercase, one lowercase, one number and one special character)

4. Click ‘Submit’

5. Enter the OTP verification code sent to your number

Next time, you can log in with this phone number and password. No OTP is required.

Let’s get to know more about WIRTUAL interface

WIRTUAL Interface

Let's see what’s included on WIRTUAL’s feed page and what each icon is used for?

1. Profile : Your profile picture and name are displayed here, including a frame that indicates your Holders Level.

2. Notification : All notifications in the application whether it is Chat messages or WIRTUAL announcements.

3. Internal Wallet : This section displays your $WIRTUAL holding in your Internal Wallet and estimates USD value for you.

4. $WIRTUAL : Shows the current price of $WIRTUAL to USD price.

5. Steps : Your daily steps in Easy mode will be shown in this sector. (Please double-check your steps to ensure there are no mistakes.)

6. Daily Health : Your daily walking record in an Easy mode will be shown when you click on this section.

7. What’s New : You should read the articles on this section to follow up all the good news & updates from us.

8. New Menu Bar : For easier access, the new menu bar has been changed from the Challenge tab to the Wallet tab. Our new feature is coming up! The Chat feature, where you can catch up with your friends and users worldwide! 

What Do You Need To Do Before Starting WIRTUAL?

Now that you already know what each icon is used for. Let’s take a look at some steps before getting started and immerse in our amazing experiences on WIRTUAL.

Create your Avatar 

Avatar is another key feature on WIRTUAL, you can equip your Avatar with NFT wearables to boost up abilities to earn more coins and make your daily exercise more enjoyable.

This is how to create your Avatar:

  • Click ‘Menu’
  • Click ‘Avatar Lobby’ 
  • Now you can start creating your Avatar

That’s all, then it’s time to shop some items and dress up your Avatar. Click ‘Avatar Shop’ from the side menu of ‘Avatar Lobby’ or click on this link >> https://wirtual.co/avatar-clothes

How many modes are there in WIRTUAL?

How many modes are there in WIRTUAL?

There are 2 modes on WIRTUAL including,

1. Easy Mode

Easy mode, a beginners-like mode, with a sweat mining option through an automatically steps-counting by using a simple phone that contains a health app such as Health (iOS) and Google Fit (Android).

However, the amount of rewards from an Easy mode depends on the number of participants. More participants, more rewards will be shared equally from the reward pool of approximately 4,500 $WIRTUAL per day. 

In an Easy mode, your daily steps will be recorded automatically through health tracking apps. And most importantly, you’re required to open WIRTUAL after walking everyday for your steps to get logged, in the same concept as ‘Daily Login Reward’. 

More information on Easy Mode >> https://bit.ly/3eKvqKS

2. Competition Mode

Competition mode includes a challenge in a variety of sports; Running, Walking, Cycling, Swimming, Dancing, and Working out, where you can compete against other users and climb the ranks. 

However, Smart Watch is required in the competition mode, in order to track your exercise and submit results within the app.

In the competition mode, there are both free and paid challenges available. In the paid challenge, extra benefits are included such as higher rewards or special items that can increase your sweat mining abilities. Also, the Holders Level feature, which is related to the $WIRTUAL held in your internal wallet. More coins you hold, the more coins you will receive each day.

More information on Competition mode >> https://bit.ly/3qQL4Y2

How to start playing in Easy Mode?

How to start playing in Easy Mode?

Getting started is easy. All you need to do is simply download the WIRTUAL app and login to WIRTUAL every day to receive a reward. You can start playing in Easy mode by following these steps:

- Enter the ‘WIRTUAL’ application

- Click ‘Connect’ to sync the app with the Health app (iOS) or Google Fit (Android)

- Keep your smartphone in your pocket and enjoy your daily routine activities

- Enter the app to get auto-logged in and activate the auto-track step systematically

- The $WIRTUAL will be transferred into your Internal wallet 2 days after your steps are logged.

For instance, if you have successfully connected WIRTUAL to a step-tracking app like Apple Health or Google Fit, your steps will be counted on the first day, and on the third day, the $WIRTUAL you've earned will be transferred to your internal wallet.

The amount of $WIRTUAL you will receive is equally shared depending on the number of participants on that day. With more participants, more rewards will be shared from the daily pool reward of approximately 4,500 $WIRTUAL.

For example, if there are 4,500 participants in Easy mode, your received coins will be approximately 1 $WIRTUAL on that day. (4,500/4,500 = 1)

In simple terms, Easy Mode is an easy-to-play mode for beginners with no smartwatches required. However, the amount of rewards you receive each day is determined by the total number of participants on that day. If you think our Easy mode is not challenging enough, you can challenge yourself with more difficulties and more rewards in the Competition Mode.

How to start playing in Competition mode?

How to start playing in Competition mode?

Competition Mode is the mode for those who seek challenges, with more $WIRTUAL received than the Easy mode. These are simple steps to start playing in Competition mode:

1. Click ‘Submit’ (a Sneaker icon)

2. Click ‘Join Challenge’

3. Choose your desired challenges from 6 types of activities

4. Click on the selected challenge’s poster and click ‘Join’

5. Your selected challenge will be added to your ‘Cart’ and you can checkout the challenge.

There are both free and paid challenges available. The paid challenge contains in-app items that can increase your sweat mining efficiency, which accept payment via both debit and credit cards. In the near future, you will be available to use $WIRTUAL a discount for paid challenges as well.

After completing your exercise, you can submit your results in the WIRTUAL app by clicking the ‘Submit’ button and choosing the activities that you want to submit your results for.

3 Recommended Smartwatches for WIRTUAL’s Competition Mode

3 Recommended Smartwatches for WIRTUAL’s Competition Mode

These are 4 must-have features on your smartwatch in order to play Competition mode:

- Able to track your distances and calories while doing exercise.

- Able to track your heart rate.

- Able to connect with Strava, Garmin Connect, Fitbit, or Health (iOS).

- Able to record your exercise history (especially in your activity types that you prefer to submit the results)

We recommend these 3 smartwatches that are perfect for WIRTUAL Competition mode:

1. Apple Watch SE, the ultimate product from Apple, is recommended as a balanced lifestyle smartwatch containing several working programs compatible perfectly with WIRTUAL.

2. Garmin Forerunner 55, one of the most popular smartwatches for athletic lifestyle enthusiasts. It has the ability to track every activity in WIRTUAL accurately.

3. Fitbit Inspire 2, the final recommended smartwatch that is compatible with WIRTUAL with no other fitness apps needed. The affordable price with high function is ideally fit for fitness beginners.

How to connect the smartwatch with WIRTUAL?

How to connect the smartwatch with WIRTUAL?

In order to submit the exercise results in WIRTUAL, users are required to have a smartwatch with capabilities to track distance, heart rate, calories, location, as well as connection to fitness tracker applications such as Garmin Connect, Fitbit, Strava, or Health app.

These are simple steps to connect your smartwatch with fitness tracker apps on your smartphone.

1.Click ‘Menu’

2.Click ‘My Account’

3.Click ‘My App’

4.Click ‘Connect’ with the health app that you use to track your exercise 

Please be reminded, you need to select your preferred Health app to submit your results on the first submission for each exercise. 

How to calculate $WIRTUAL from exercise?

How to calculate $WIRTUAL from exercise?

In Competition mode, the amount of $WIRTUAL earned will vary depending on your Holders Level and items on your Avatar. Let’s begin with the question of ‘How much $WIRTUAL we can receive per day?’ There are two key factors to consider, 

- Max Receive - The maximum amount of $WIRTUAL you can receive per day.

- Submission - The maximum number of submissions you can make per day.

Both Max Receive and Submission stats are categorized into 6 categories: Running, Walking, Cycling, Swimming, Dancing, and Working Out. 

For example, your Avatar is equipped with +3 Max Receive and +2 Submission (Running) items, meaning that you can submit a maximum of 2 running activities daily and earn a total of 3 $WIRTUAL.

But that is an example of one exercise only. You can obtain more $WIRTUAL daily by submitting ‘More’ types of exercises.

For example, if you have an item with Max Receive +3 (Type All), it means that you can receive a maximum of 18 $WIRTUAL per day. (If you complete all six exercises on that day) 

The next question is, ‘How many times can I submit per day and which exercise should I submit first?’ It depends on your items and your exercises. For instance, If you do all 6 exercises, and you have one item with ‘Type All +1 Submission’ and the other four items that can increase one submission per exercise, which are Running, Walking, Cycling, and Swimming.

It would be better to submit them in this order: “Working Out > Dancing > Running > Walking > Cycling > Swimming.”

Please remind yourself that “If you have an item that can increase your submission for a specific activity, you should submit that activity as the last order.”

How should I claim $WIRTUAL?

How should I claim $WIRTUAL?

You can claim your daily $WIRTUAL into your internal wallet by just clicking into the ‘Wallet’ and clicking the "Claim" button. However, $WIRTUAL will not be available to claim immediately after workouts. After you submit the results to the system, they will be available to claim at 00.00 (UTC+0) the following day.

Moreover, there is a claim fee charged for the first 7 days, starting at 30% and decreasing by 5% per day. After Day 7, there will be no additional charge. In addition, we have a ‘Claim All 0% Fee’ button, where you can claim your coins after day 7 without fees charged all at once.

You can also check whether you have already claimed all the coins you received or not, by looking into the ‘Transactions’ tab in your Wallet icon.

What can $WIRTUAL be used for?

What can $WIRTUAL be used for?

$WIRTUAL differs from other cryptocurrencies as we have “Use Cases” where our coins can be used in the real world. The most prominent and popular $WIRTUAL Use Case is a Brand Voucher or a discount code to our partner brands that can be redeemed with $WIRTUAL, such as:

- Shopee

- Under Armour 

- Grabfood

- and more products are coming soon!

Furthermore, we have just launched the WIRTUAL Brand Store, the store that has exclusive products from various brands, such as Garmin smartwatches and WIRTUAL stylish t-shirt collections. In addition to our new feature, $WIRTUAL can be used as a discount for products purchases.

From now on, we are planning to implement other $WIRTUAL Use Cases such as a discount on paid challenges, tickets purchased for sports events, or donations as well. So stay tuned for our next update!

How to improve my sweat mining efficiency?

How to improve my sweat mining efficiency?

As we said, sweat mining efficiency is mainly considered by 2 factors, Max Recieve and Submissions. You can increase them by equipping your Avatar with items, including both NFT and In-App items.

NFT items can be purchased at the Avatar NFT Shop. >> https://wirtual.co/avatar-clothes

In-App items can be received from In-App Challenges.

After receiving the item, you can equip your Avatar with that item by clicking on ‘Avatar Lobby’ in the Menu icon, then selecting the type of exercise before equipping your Avatar. Don’t forget to click the ‘Save’ button before exiting the Lobby page and double-check that your Avatar is already equipped with an item. 

In each submission, the system will consider the current status of your Avatar as a submission status. After you submit the result, whether you equip or unequip items from your Avatar, you will receive the amount of $WIRTUAL according to the status when you submit the result.

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