What is Easy Mode and Competition Mode? The upcoming update that you should not miss out on!

September 15, 2022

After the release of the Auto-Track Step feature, our users can now exercise and earn rewards from two features: Auto-track Steps and Challenge. To make it even more easier to understand, we’ve decided to call these two features Easy Mode (Auto-Track Steps) and Competition Mode (Challenge.)

Today, we will be discussing Easy Mode and Competition Mode. Let’s take a look!

What is Easy Mode?

Easy Mode, also known as Auto-track Step feature, is exclusively designed for beginners who want to play solo. Easy Mode counts your steps and converts them into crypto — automatically. No smart watch, no worries! Your simple phone will do.

Getting started is easy. All you need to do is simply connect WIRTUAL app with Apple Health or Google Fit, put your phone in your pocket while going about your activity and log into WIRTUAL daily to receive reward. That’s it!

However, the amount of rewards you stand to gain each day will be different as it is divided by the total number of participants. For those of you who are looking for motivation to kick start an active lifestyle to earn rewards, Easy mode is exactly meet your needs.

What is Competition Mode?

In fact/Actually, Competition Mode is simply a challenge that you can participate in to compete against your friends and users worldwide. For those of you who have been around with WIRTUAL for a while, you might find this sounds familiar. Yes, it is submitting workout data tracked on your smart watch to trade them in for crypto, which can be exchanged for gift vouchers for shopping on premium products from our partner.

Competition Mode offers a wide variety of exercise challenges from running, walking, cycling, swimming, dancing to weight training. There are both free and paid challenges to choose from. As a newbie, you may want to start with the free challenge. However, if you would like to level up your benefits such as earn more rewards, special privileges, prizes, or bonuses, paid challenges are the way to go as it provides you with special items upon joining challenge!

Items that your avatar is wearing can maximize your earnings through increasing Max Receive and Submission ability. If you want to make your exercise even more rewarding, Competition Mode is exactly for you!

Now that you know about Easy Mode and Competition Mode. If you’re looking for ways to keep yourself healthier towards exercise, Competition Mode is your best option for you to discover motivation to exercise every day.

Remark: Users can enjoy both Easy and Competition modes at the same time. However, the way in which workout data is submitted and the amount of rewards you stand to gain differ.