Voting Event - Token Allocation

July 5, 2023

Greetings, all WIRTUALVER! We’re thrilled to announce that our voting event on $WIRTUAL Token Allocation is officially live. As community members, we would like to encourage each and every one of you to take part in and make your WIRTUALER voice heard whether you are up for or against the proposed changes on Token Allocation.

In this article, we’ve put together everything you need to know before attending the voting challenge, including how-to steps and how your voting power is calculated. Let's take a look!

Token Allocation Proposal

Table Displaying the Proposed Token Allocation

The proposed changes in token allocation are as follows:

📍(1) Decrease the coin distribution by 10% each year.

📍(2) Burn half of the total coins in the Company and Treasury Pool.

📍(2) According to this distribution model, all remaining coins will be burned, estimated at around 400+ million $WIRTUAL.

How to Cast a Vote 

Voting takes place on the WIRTUAL platform using the Step Challenge feature, where participants are divided into two teams: the Agree team and the Disagree team. Here we outline simple steps you can follow to join the voting challenge

1. Scan the QR Code to join the challenge

Scan the QR Code to join voting challenge

2. Select the teams you want to vote for either Yes (Agree) or No (Disagree)

Kindly note that once you made up your choice, there’s no turning around.

That's it! WIRTUAL will snapshot the amount of $WIRTUAL held in the Internal Wallet to determine the Holders Level and calculate their voting power. By the time a snapshot takes place, you may increase the Holders Level. With each increase in Holders Level, your voting power increases too.

Voting Validation & Voting Power

Eligibility for calculating voting power is limited to the holders listed below

⚪️Platinum = 1 Point

🟢Emerald = 2 Points

🟣Master = 3 Points

Voting Timeline

📅Voter registration: Now - 15th July 2023 at 00.00 (UTC+7) 

📸Snapshot: 15th July 2023 at 00.00 (UTC+7) 

⏰Result Announcement: 16 July 2023

🎯The proposed changes will be taken into place instantly, if the number of "Agree" votes are more than "Disagree" votes.

🔥All remaining coins will be burned, divided into two events
1st burning event on 18 July 2023

2nd burning event on 18 August 2023