The 5 Ultimate Factors to Boost Up Your $WIRTUAL

February 8, 2023

WIRTUAL offers various features that make your ‘’Exercise to Earn’’ experience even more fun and rewarding such as wearing your avatar with items to boost your sweat mining ability, holding $WIRTUAL in your internal wallet to unlock special privileges on platform, engaging in multiple exercise activities to increase chances of earnings potential and the latest Health feature that transforms your active and healthy habits into something that not only benefits your health.

Before getting into the details, make sure you have a smartwatch that has features that include the ability to track distance, heart rate, calories and location, as well as the ability to connect with the fitness tracker apps such as Health, Garmin Connect, Fitbit, or Strava.

If you’re looking for ways to make your exercise to earn even more rewarding, here we have compiled a list of main factors to help you earn even more $WIRTUAL. Let’s look over it!

1. Health Feature

It can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the hustle and bustle world that we live in. WIRTUAL create innovative solutions that encourage active enthusiasts to improve better their own health and well-being in exchange for cryptocurrency without having to be concerned about making any submissions — fully-functional yet users-friendly. 

Simply keep your phone with you while going about your daily routine and check in on the WIRTUAL application to earn your $WIRTUAL as a reward — as simple as that. Health Feature comprises the following main features:

Auto-Track Steps is an In-app feature that automatically counts every step-like movement you take throughout the day for any activity, including running, jogging, walking or even movement while doing your daily chores without the need of having a smartwatch. Every step you take is another source of income for you.

Exercise, recovery — now it’s time to rest! Sleep to Earn is a new feature that automatically transforms your healthy sleeping habits into $WIRTUAL— without requiring you to make a submission. Sleep to Earn has been created with the goal of encouraging people to improve their healthy lifestyle towards sleep habits while also offering a wonderful way to passively make money for you while sleeping — getting paid to nap really is a dream come true. Simply connect your smartwatch to WIRTUAL app and strap it on while you’re sleeping. That's it! 

This feature has its own mining pools with different mechanisms to guarantee that rewards are properly distributed among various miners in an equal amount, regardless of the distances covered in a particular workout.

2. Dress Your Avatar with Items

One of the features that help you earn more $WIRTUAL is to dress your avatar with items. Items not only add a stylish look to your avatar, but items also provide additional benefits for your sweat mining through increasing Max Receive and Submission ability for your avatar. 

WIRTUAL has both In-app and NFT wearable items. In-app items are often ranked as Common and Rare Levels, whereas NFTs are ranked as Epic, Legendary and Mythic levels. Each level has its own status — the higher the level, the better status it provides.

Moreover, items on WIRTUAL also have their own tiers. There are 3 tiers of items. The tiers of the item are based on the average Max Receive status. In the beginning, all items are classified as tier 1 item, which provides the most powerful average Max Receive of up to +1 $WIRTUAL PER DAY, meaning that if your avatar is equipped with a tier 1 item, you will receive an average of 30 $WIRTUAL per month, whereas tier 2 and tier 3 items, the average Max Receive ability will be calculated based on a MONTHLY basis. 

For example, if you equip your Avatar with a tier 2 item, your Max Receive ability will increase averaging at +7.5 $WIRTUAL PER MONTH — this means the maximum amount of $WIRTUAL you can receive per day will be based on your ranking, however, the total amount of $WIRTUAL you can receive PER MONTH will be no more than 7.5 $WIRTUAL

Items on WIRTUAL are also categorized based on the type of activity such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, dancing and working out. The stats are only applicable to its own activity. For example, running items will only increase the status in a running challenge.  

However, If you are looking for ways to maximize your sweat mining ability to the next level, Type All items are one of the best options as its stats are applicable to all types of activities. For example, If your avatar is equipped with the Type All items such as WIRTUAL Donut, you will gain a max receive up to +3 $WIRTUAL/day and +5 submission, say, you participate in five various types of activity in a day, you will receive a total of +3x5 $WIRTUAL. In total, you can earn up to 15 $WIRTUAL per day.

You may want to hurry over to the shop as the Type All items are only available for purchase till the end of this 30 June 2022. Do not miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of these special benefits.

The items that improve your sweat mining ability can be earned from 1) participating in the challenges and 2) purchasing from Avatar Shop at the following link >> 

3. Holders Level

This feature is related to the amount of $WIRTUAL held in your internal wallet. The more coins you hold in your internal wallet, the more your Holder Level, with each increase in Holders level, the maximum amount of $WIRTUAL that you are eligible to receive increases too. 

The Holders Level comprises 7 different levels. Each level has its own requirements (of how many $WIRTUAL is needed to be in that level) and its own special privileges. At the beginning, the Holders Levels begin at Default (hold less than 100 $WIRTUAL). At this level, you will receive a maximum of 0.1 $WIRTUAL per day.

The Max Receive ability provided by each Holders Level is applicable to all types of activity that you submitted results to. For a specific example, if your Holder Level is Platinum, you will gain a max receive of +2.5 $WIRTUAL/day, and if you participate in three activities in a day, you will receive +2.5x3 $WIRTUAL. In total, you can earn up to +7.5 $WIRTUAL per day. 

The combination of the status from the item (WIRTUAL Donut increases +3 $WIRTUAL/day and +5 submission) that your avatar is wearing in #1 and from your holder level would be 15+7.5 $WIRTUAL. In total, you will earn up to 22.5 $WIRTUAL per day!

In addition to increasing your Max Receive ability, the Platinum level also provides its holders with special privileges such as voting rights and exclusive NFTs items such as Platinum Wings. If you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity — Increase your holder level by holding more $WIRTUAL in your wallet to unlock more features/privileges. 

If you have a higher Holders Level and equip your Avatar with powerful items, you will get more WIRTUAL Coins.

4. Participate in Multiple Types of Activity

Participating in multiple activities can also help you earn even more coins. The more activities you engage in, the more coins you stand to gain based on your Max Receive ability and your Holders Level. 

Submitting completed results to the same types of activity, you will receive $WIRTUAL based on your Max Receive ability. For example, your avatar is equipped with a Droid Cap which increases +1.5 Max Receive per day. Then, you’ve participated in 2 challenges of the running activity and would like to submit exercise results for both challenges separately. You will receive +1.5 Max Receive per day rather than 3 $WIRTUAL because you submitted the exercise results in the same activity. 

In fact, you will only receive extra $WIRTUAL when you’ve submitted your workout results in various types of activities.

For instance, If you have Fire Running and Fire Cycling and have submitted results for both running and cycling activity, you will earn 1.5+1.5, which is equivalent to 3 $WIRTUAL Coins because the activities are different.

As a result, participating in many challenges does not guarantee you an extra $WIRTUAL Coins, whereas participate in various types of activities will help you earn more $WIRTUAL

5. Taking Part in Special Events on Social Media!

Participating in the fun activities, special events, and exclusive campaigns on our social media platform will give you the opportunity to win a diverse range of exclusive items that you cannot get from anywhere else! If you don't want to miss out on our exclusive event, follow us on social media to stay up to date on exclusive event news and updates.

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