The Silent Danger of Sitting Around

June 8, 2022

Whether we are sitting and relaxing or sitting behind a desk, people today spend more than 6 hours a day sitting around. Sitting may help us feel more comfortable and relaxed, but really, it can turn into something that is harmful to our bodies. Sitting for long periods of time can cause our bodies to develop issues. A study has found that this sedentary behavior could have given rise to causes of death to over 70,000 British people. This is because sitting or lying down for too long increases the risk of serious diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Other than these life-threatening diseases, there is also Myofascial Pain Syndrome that most working-age people are experiencing as well. 

Despite how sitting for a long time can be dangerous, today's work lifestyle encourages it and most people inevitably need to sit in front of a computer all day. Therefore, we must find ways to reduce these risks. This article will explain ways that you can counteract these issues.

Why is sitting for a long time dangerous?

sitting for a long time is dangerous
Image from BetterHealth Channel

But before we discuss the solution to the danger of sitting, let's look at the reasons why sitting is dangerous first. Here are the main reasons why sitting for long periods of time is dangerous: 

  • The body does not burn as much energy as it should each day.
  • The body is not staying active.
  • Our body weight is pressed against the same area for too long.
  • Sitting in the same position causes muscles to feel tight and strained.
  • There is obstruction of blood flow.

The symptoms mentioned above occur when you spend too much time each day sitting. And these symptoms, if left for a long time, will cause harm to both your physical and mental health as well.

The dangers of sitting for long periods of time 

The introduction above should have given a brief picture of why sitting for a long time is dangerous. Next, let's see what the effects of sitting too long each day are on your body.

1. Body aches

One of the problems that people who sit for a long time have to face first is body aches that begin in the neck and migrate to the legs. If left for a long time, it may develop into something severe and chronic, requiring urgent medical attention. This is how sitting for a long time can cause body aches. Most often it comes from improper sitting posture that could stem from having an uncomfortable work station. This can in turn also negatively affect the spine. Having to bend over or look up to type all day can cause body aches as well. These aches and pains are often a warning signal and should be taken seriously. If you start to feel any unusual pain, we recommend that you find a solution or see your doctor immediately.

2. Serious illness

Sitting for long periods of time may be one of the leading causes of death for up to 14 diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. When you sit for too long, you are depriving your body of its natural movements which causes you to not expend as much energy as you should. This can be detrimental to the heart because not moving can cause a buildup of fat in your arteries and lead to heart disease. In addition, inactivity can also cause the body to become resistant to insulin, which causes diabetes.

3. Anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are also symptoms that can arise from sitting too long each day. A study surveying more than 900 Brazilian adults found that a third of people who sit for more than 10 hours a day are more depressed than others. The same article also discusses research linking the behavior of people who sit for long periods of time to be associated with anxiety symptoms.

However, it is important to note that there is no research that directly links sitting with mental health issues. Despite this, many people believe that due to the behavior of sitting for a long time, rather than going out into the world or living an active life, could be how these two things are correlated.

4. Negatively affects productivity 

Sitting for too long at work may not be a good thing since it could be a factor that reduces the productivity of that day. In a way, this relates to the previous reason regarding anxiety and depression. When you spend a lot of time sitting and being immersed in work, it can cause poor blood flow to the point where you feel blurry, causing you to lose focus and make you unable to work as efficiently. In addition, there are aches and pains that may interfere with your ability to concentrate. Therefore, if you want to work well and meet your deadlines, it is recommended that you try to avoid sitting at work all day long.

5. Weight gain

Weight gain may be the result of spending too much time sitting or lying down each day. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, sitting can cause your metabolism to malfunction, which is one of the reasons why you may gain weight. Moreover, when the body is not moving as much as it should, it does not expend energy. Your body doesn't metabolize the food you eat as efficiently, resulting in fat accumulation in the body.

How to prevent the dangers of sitting

Next, let's look at some ways to prevent the dangers of sitting for a long time. For those who work at the desk or if there is another reason you need to sit for a long time each day, these tips will provide you with tips to counteract the dangers in a way that fits into your lifestyle.

Switch up your posture regularly

This first tip can be easily implemented and done every day. Making regular adjustments to your posture throughout the day allows your body to still experience small movements throughout the day. You may also want to try to get up and stretch or take a short break every 20-30 minutes. It is best not to sit for more than 5 hours a day. Alternatively, another recommended approach might be to get up and walk every hour to allow other muscles to move. Doing it daily will help reduce the risks associated with sitting down for long periods of time.

Correct your posture

Adjusting your posture when sitting, according to Ergonomic principles, is a way to reduce the risks associated with sitting for a long time to some extent. The correct sitting posture should be to put your feet on the floor and support your spine by sitting against the back of the chair without leaning forward. Other than your sitting posture, the arrangement of your desk is also a concern. The computer screen should be at eye level. The chair itself should be L-shaped and elbows, arms, and wrists should always be parallel to the floor.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of the dangers of sitting for long periods of time. You can spend time after work or  your free time during the holidays to exercise for 20-30 minutes a day. As for the form of exercise, you can choose any that you enjoy. It can be as simple as running, walking, dancing or yoga. 

But finding the time to exercise when you have just entered the workforce is often very difficult and you may lack the motivation. Many would want to spend time after work relaxing. We recommend trying ways to motivate yourself to exercise more. You can prepare your workout outfit before going to work so that when you get home, you can change your clothes and exercise right away. You could also work out with your friends. Another way to find motivation is with the Exercise to Earn platform where you can exercise in exchange for cryptocurrency.


If you want to have a balanced life, reduce the risk of disease, and be more productive with your work, we recommend that you monitor yourself regularly. Don't let yourself sit for too long. Take some time to get up and change your posture. Finally, don’t forget to use some of your free time to exercise regularly. Don't be a victim of sitting too long.