Should I Purchase Coins? Advantages of Holding WIRTUAL Coins

November 22, 2021

Some of you may have seen opportunities here and there to obtain WIRTUAL coins, whether it is to purchase coins directly from us (pre-sales), trade with peers on the platform, or enter paid challenges with W coin giveaways. So if you’re wondering, do I even need coins? You’ve come to the right place.

Before we get into whether you need to get into W coins or not, let’s first get a better understanding of what the coins are and how else you can acquire them.

What are WIRTUAL Coins?

W coins are coins that are mined on the platform through exercise. When you send in activity results from running, walking, cycling, or swimming, you are rewarded with WIRTUAL coins. These coins can be held as investments or held to increase the features you have access to on the platform. If you don’t want to hold your WIRTUAL coins, you can even purchase products with it on our store. If you’re mining away and you feel that you still don’t have the amount of coins you would like to have, then you might want to consider purchasing them.

Let’s break down the advantages of acquiring and holding W coins so that you can figure out for yourself if you should purchase them or not.

What are the Advantages of Having WIRTUAL Coins?

1. Increase Holder Level

Being at a higher Holder Level offers major advantages to a user on the platform. For one, you can increase the amount of submissions you can make per day as well as the amount of crypto mined per submission. This improves your sweat mining efficiency significantly! 

On top of this, when you reach a really high Holder Level, you can enjoy additional privileges such as creating events of your own (dictating the challenge and well as the prizes), acquire voting rights on the platform and make the big decisions with us.

Here are some more details on the holder level:

Default: this is where you start at if you hold little to no W coins. You will be able to make one submission per day and earn a maximum of 0.1 W coins a day.

Starter: you will need to hold 100 W coins to be at this level. Here you can earn a maximum of 0.5 W coins a day.

Silver: you will need to hold 200 W coins to be at this level. Here you can earn a maximum of 1 W coins a day.

Gold: you will need to hold 500 W coins to be at this level. Here you can earn a maximum of 1.5 W coins a day.

Business: you will need to hold 1,500 W coins to be at this level. Here you can earn a maximum of 2 W coins a day. At the Business Holder Level, you can create entire event on the platform, have access to all your event goers activity data for the event on a dashboard, and even have full control on rankings and prizes.

Platinum: you will need to hold 5,000 W coins to be at this level. Here you can earn a maximum of 2.5 W coins a day. On top of this, at the Platinum Holder Level, you have earned yourself voting rights on the platform and become a part of the decision making that goes on with WIRTUAL.

Emerald: you will need to hold 10,000 W coins to be at this level. Here you can earn a maximum of 3 W coins a day.

Master: Coming Soon!

So take a look at which Holder Level best suits your needs, and this may help to decide on whether or not you need more WIRTUAL coins.

2. Spending coins on NFTs and entering paid challenges

Having more W coins also means you can buy more things. You can enter paid challenges which will allow you to win even bigger prizes, that in turn could bring you even more coins. You can purchase rare items and NFTs which will boost your mining efficiency or even allow you to sell these items forward in the future if you wish. You can even spend them on getting store discounts for tangible items, whether it’s a WIRTUAL brand item or and item from one of our partners. If tangible items aren’t what you’re looking for, you can also purchase virtual products on the store entirely with WIRTUAL coins.

3. Hold as a long-term investment

You can hold your coins to enter higher Holder Levels as mentioned earlier, but another advantage of holding is in anticipation for the growth in value of our coin. We expect that the value will only grow as we continue to focus on building partnerships, improving our offerings, and expanding our capabilities. In the future, we are focused on bring more and more real life use cases to you, to the point where eventually, you can spend W coins on buying pretty much anything.

We at WIRTUAL hold a percentage of the coins ourselves, and because of this, are rightfully incentivized to increase its value. Our win is also your win if you choose to hold the coins.


So there you have it, three benefits of holding coins, from increasing your Holder Level to gain access to additional features and improve your mining efficiency, to actually being able to spend the coins on various things on the platform, and finally, to even hold as a long term investment. Hopefully this has helped to organize your thoughts, good luck on your decision!