Introducing WIRTUAL PET - Your Virtual Exercise Buddy

August 3, 2023

Calling All Pet Lovers!! 🐾 Here we're introducing you to the newest feature called WIRTUAL PET, a pet-raising feature that promotes your overall well-being – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

In this article, we'll walk you through this feature and share some tips to get you started. So, let's dive in and check it out! 😊


WIRTUAL PET is more than just a virtual pet; it's your workout buddy. Before becoming a proud owner of a fully-grown pet, players need to adopt a pet egg and raise it with attention and care, feeding it until its experience points [EXP] reach 100%. Once its EXP reaches 100%, your pet levels up and takes on a whole new form, transforming into different kinds with unique characteristics.

How to Obtain Pet Egg

In the early version, pet eggs were given as a reward in the recent Holders Campaign, a special campaign that gives $WIRTUAL tokenholders of platinum and above level special access, perks, benefits and exclusive rewards. 

But for those of you who missed this time around, FEAR NOT! Special campaign giving away pet eggs is coming your way soon! While it might not be as exclusive as the holders reward campaign, you still have a great opportunity to get your very own WIRTUAL PET EGG!

Egg is Received! What’s Next?

After obtaining the pet egg, simply head over to the news & updates section in the app. There, you'll find a banner. Just tap on it, and you'll be taken straight to the website. Once you’re in, the next step is to add the received pet egg. Simply follow the steps laid out below!

(1) Tap [Add] button
กดปุ่ม [Add] เพื่อเพิ่มไข่
(2) Choose a pet egg and tap [Open]
เลือกไข่และกดปุ่ม [Open]

(3) Yayy~ Let's give it a cool name!
Give It a Unique Name

Inside the egg, there will be a baby pet that you need to take care of until it hatches. After hatching, The appearance of the pet after hatching an egg will vary based on your holder's level. The more $WIRTUAL you hold, the more unique your pet looks.

How it grows?

The baby will grow through feeding. No worries, if you are a tokenholders, you will receive free food along with the eggs. However, in the future, pet food can be obtained through buying, selling, or exchanging between users, or as rewards for participating in activities related to WIRTUAL PET. Starting off, the pet eggs will have experience points [EXP]. When they reach 100%, they will evolve to the next level from Egg > Baby Pet (5 levels) > Newborn Pet (3 levels). At each level, the difficulty of evolution will increase, and the higher the level, the more experience points (EXP) are required. Here are the details:

- Egg Lv. 1 has 150 EXP

- Egg Lv. 2 has 150 EXP 

- Egg Lv. 3 has 300 EXP 

- Egg Lv. 4 has 300 EXP 

- Egg Lv. 5 has 450 EXP 

Pet Food

The Food (Gems) is divided into 5 types: Terranite, Frostine, Verdora, Emberon, Spectra, just like the pet kinds. 

“What You Feed Them Will Define What They Are”

Exclusively for tokenholders in this round is that pets will be categorized as special breed, superior to other types of pets that will come after this. Feeding can only be done with 1 gem at a time, and each day is limited to a maximum of 3 feedings (Morning, Noon, Evening). Each time you feed the pet, its EXP value will increase, and there will be a cooldown indicating the time until the next feeding is available.

- Egg Lv 1 > 2: Requires 3 Gems

- Egg Lv 2 > 3: Requires 3 Gems 

- Egg Lv 3 > 4: Requires 6 Gems

- Egg Lv 4 > 5: Requires 6 Gems

- Egg Lv 5 > Pet Lv 1 Requires 9 Gems

Pet Incubation 

The pet egg can hatch into a newborn pet once it reaches Level 5. Once the egg hatches, the appearance of the pet will vary based on the Holders' level.

Not to mention, in the future, hatching eggs will require a special item like a pet incubator, which will probably be sold by NPCs in the WIRTUALVERSE.

Health & Heart Status

Once the egg hatches into the newborn pet, the status will change from EXP points to Health & Heart status.

The Heart status is related to how well you take care of the pet and provide food. On the other hand, the Health status is related to the pet's physical activities. This part serves as a bridge connecting the pet to the 'Sleep to Earn' feature (Coming Soon). Before going to sleep, you simply select the mode for the pet to exercise. With this, our pets can comfortably exercise and when we wake up, we can claim the rewards!


In addition to the above, pets can also reflect the image and characteristics of their owners (Social Status). In the future, you will also be able to take our lovely pets to explore the WIRTUALVERSE. Our adorable little pets will follow and walk alongside us wherever we go. Isn't that great?

By Getting a Pet, You Unlock Upcoming Features!

Having a pet grants you access to additional features on WIRTUAL such as:

💤Sleep to Earn (Coming Soon)

Even when you take a break, your pet continues to exercise for you, offering rewards while you sleep

🧬Pet Fusion (Coming Soon)

Breed and craft your very own pets, which can be exchanged with fellow enthusiasts or sold as NFTs

🐕‍🦺Pet-Walking AR (Coming Soon)

Bring your pet to life in the real world and engage with them through the augmented reality experience. 

👑Pet Customization (Coming Soon)

Level up your pet's appearance with a wide selection of cool equipment, apparel, and accessories

🎨Pet Interior Decoration (Coming Soon)

Create a stylish and comfortable living space for your pet, where they can spend their days

🤹Mini Game (Coming Soon)

Enjoy a variety of fun mini-games while at the same time earning extra rewards or special items for your pet upon completion.

Are you ready to take care of your new virtual pet? 

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