Strategy 101: How optimize your crypto gains with WIRTUAL

November 18, 2021

There are so many things you can do on WIRTUAL, and so many ways to spend your coins. In this article, we will go through strategies you can implement to optimize your crypto gains and get the most bang for your buck.

Limited crypto (WIRTUAL coins) to be gained

We only release a limited amount of coins per day, so if we get a lot of submissions that day, and it exceeds our limit, the amount of coins a user will get will be based on holder level as well as ranking (how well you did in the challenge compared to others). If the number of submissions do not exceed the maximum coins we are releasing per day, they you will receive the full amount according to your holder level.

Let’s assume you are starting at the lowest level: Default. Here you will earn a maximum of 0.1 W coins per activity submission. (You can of course purchase W coins or keep an eye out for giveaways to increase your holder level and speed up the process if you wish.) 

Where to start with building crypto gains

Now, phase 1, the best way to increase your gains at the start is to set your sights on joining paid activities. This is the fastest way for you to earn coins at the beginning, especially when your stating point is very low. 

If you don’t want to pay with real currency, you can work on gaining W coins from being at the default level first by engaging and entering as many free activities as you can (remember though, that you max out at one submission per day at this level). 

You should also visit the app regularity and even follow our social media to make sure you don’t miss out on any promotions and giveaways which would be a great help in fast-tracking your process! 

Use the crypto you have to gain even more by entering paid challenges

Once you have enough W coins on hand, you can start entering paid challenges with these coins. Make sure you read the rewards section on each challenge carefully, and choose challenges that will reward you with more coins! You may also want to keep an eye out for challenges that reward you with Avatar wearables (we will get into this properly in phase 2). 

Continue to spend your coins in this way until you have amassed enough coins to increase the efficiency of your mining.

There are two main ways to increase the efficiency of your mining:

  • Invest in Avatar wearables
  • Increase your holder level

Use the crypto you have gained to purchase wearables

Entering phase 2, we must first focus on the wearables. When purchasing wearables, make sure to choose wearables with features that allow you to increase the maximum coins you can receive per submission as first priority, and look for wearables that allow you to increase the maximum submissions per day as second priority (of course this will depend on how many submissions per day you plan on making, so do also consider the frequency  of your activities). This will hugely effect the coins you can earn from doing the same amount of work.

Keep purchasing better wearables, unlock more coin-earning features, and look out for more giveaways and bonuses while choosing the most optimal challenges to join (with W coins or wearables  as a prize). 

When you have gained more crypto, your holder level will increase!

At this point, you will find yourself reaching phase 3: increasing your holder level. Once you are being rewarded in coins from challenges, entering as many campaigns and giveaways as you can, and improving your mining with NFT wearables, you will find that your W coins are coming in faster than ever before! 

Spend your coins in ways that you know will be an investment towards earning more coins. Choose challenges not only based on rewards, but also challenges that are at your level and that you know (with effort) you can complete! As you follow these steps and gain more coins, you holder level will increase, and so will your mining efficiency.

Finally, remember the most important tip we can give you: stay active and stay engaged.

All challenges start on 15 February 2022. and then you can exercise & gain WIRTUAL Coins

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Good luck, and happy sweat mining!