Getting started with Easy Mode for free! Just one click away on your smartphone

December 20, 2022

Getting started with Easy Mode for free! Just one click away on your smartphone and you’re all set to sweat mine. Let’s learn more about how easy it works!

Easy Mode is a step tracking feature that automatically counts every step-like movement you take throughout the day with your smartphone. All you have to do is simply connect WIRTUAL with health tracking apps such as Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android). That’s all it takes!

Each day, Easy Mode distributes 4,500 $WIRTUAL among all participants. The more participants, the more rewards will be shared in the reward pool of 4,500 $WIRTUAL.

Easy Mode is similar to ‘Daily Login Reward’ as you require to open WIRTUAL app daily for your step to get logged and get rewards.

If you are unfamiliar with Easy Mode or are just getting started, you will find here all the information to kick off your journey with Easy Mode.

1. Download WIRTUAL

Download WIRTUAL

WIRTUAL is available for download on both iOS and Android at After you’ve downloaded the app, you will need to register an account on WIRTUAL.

2. Connect with Health or Google Fit

Connect with Health and Google Fit

After you’ve successfully registered, it will then take you to the Feed page where Easy Mode is featured. Gently tap ‘Connect’ to sync steps data with your health tracking apps such as Health or Google Fit. That’s it! You only have to connect once to automatically sync data.

3. Let’s start walking

Let’s Start Walking

Now that you’re all set! Let’s start moving. All you need to do is put your phone in your pocket while going about your activity. If you’ve successfully connected with a health tracking app, each time you walk, your steps will be automatically counted and converted into rewards. Kindly make sure to open WIRTUAL app every day for your steps to get logged systematically.

Remark: For Android users, if your step count is frozen at 0 steps, please reinstall the Google Fit app to get the latest version. Whilst iOS users, simply close and reopen the app to activate the step counting system.

4. Claim Rewards in Your Wallet

Claim Rewards in Your Wallet

Rewards you earned though breaking a step will be credited to your Internal Wallet 2 days after your steps get logged.

For example, if your step begins on the first day, then, on the second day your steps will be automatically submitted (you need to open WIRTUAL app daily to systematically submit steps), and the $WIRTUAL you’ve earned will appear to be claimed in your Internal Wallet on the third day.

Claim fee will be charged for the first 7 days, starting at 30% and decreasing by 5% per day. So, to avoid being charged for a ‘Claim Fee’ it is recommended that you claim a reward after day 7

5. Multitude Use Cases and Utilities

$WIRTUAL Utilities

There are a multitude of use cases and utilities for $WIRTUAL. Holding $WIRTUAL allows you to:

  1. Upgrade Holders Level
  2. Buy NFTs wearables in Avatar Shop
  3. Earn interest up to 12% on your crypto savings account
  4. Buy brand voucher you can use as a discount when shopping on products

In addition to above mentioned, In the near future, $WIRTUAL coins can be used as a discount for the purchase of:

  • Challenges on WIRTUAL platform
  • Physical products on WIRTUAL Brand Store,
  • Event tickets (eg. marathons, music festivals and concerts)
  • Monetary Donation

Stay tuned for the upcoming utility of $WIRTUAL.