Couple Challenge: FAQ

November 16, 2022

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to give you all the information you need about Couple Challenge.

Q: How many people can access per one QR Code?

A: One QR Code is valid for 2 persons

Q: How many times can I join the challenge?

A: One account is allowed to join once (within the validity period of the challenge)

Q: Is it possible to play Couple Challenge solo?

A: Yes, however it may take more time to achieve a step goal. It would be better if you could invite your partner to join in the challenge; your partner could be anyone, whether friends, family, or colleagues; the possibilities are endless.

Q: Is a smart watch required to join the Couple Challenge?

A: You don’t need to strap on a smart watch to get started, your smartphone will do! 

Q: Why are my steps not being counted?

A: You’re required to connect with Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android) to sync step data. 

Note: Android users must install Google Fit prior to installing WIRTUAL app.

Q: Can I track my steps via smart watch?

A: Yes, if your smart watch is compatible with Health or Google Fit.

Q: How many steps do I need to take to unlock a raffle ticket?

A: A raffle ticket will be available for redemption once your combined steps hit 300,000 steps.

Q: Where can I redeem a ticket?

A: When your combined steps reach 300,000 steps, a ‘Claim’ button will be available for you to claim a ticket.

Q: Where can I draw a prize?

A: You can raffle off a ticket for a chance to win a prize at Couple Gachapon Machine (Availabel on December 1st, 2022

Q: How many steps can I take per day?

A: The maximum steps a user can take per day are limited to 15,000 steps, and combined steps are limited to 30,000 steps. 

Q: Will my steps be reset to zero each time I claim a raffle ticket?

A: Once a raffle ticket is claimed, steps will be reset back to zero.

Q: How long a challenge lasts?

A: A challenge is valid for one year from the date of joining. 

Q: How many tickets am I eligible to claim throughout the challenge's validity period? 

A: You can redeem a ticket as many times as you want as long as the challenge is valid and your steps reach 300,000 steps.

Q: Who will be eligible to claim a raffle ticket since there are 2 participants?

A: Both participants will be eligible to claim a ticket. A ticket will be granted to a claimant.

Q: When can I use my raffle ticket?

A: You can raffle off a ticket for a chance to win a prize from December 1st, 2022 onwards.

Q: How long is a raffle ticket valid for prize drawing?

A: A raffle ticket is valid for 2 years from the date of issue (November 6th, 2022)

Q: Will I be eligible to receive $WIRTUAL if I join the Couple Challenge?

A: You are allowed to join the Couple Challenge while at the same time eligible for rewards from Easy Mode

Q: Will the Luck attribute be involved in drawing a prize?

A: Luck will not increase your chances of winning the grand prize?

Q: Why are my steps not showing?

A: Steps taken today will be logged in the next day

Can I withdraw myself from the challenge or switch up a partner?

Withdrawal is permitted, but the request must be approved by your partner.

Q: Can I rejoin the challenge after it has expired?

A: You may rejoin the challenge by purchasing a ticket.