Encourages Healthy Habits Among Employees With Step Challenge

October 12, 2022

“Employee is the key to the success of your company”

Today, we would like to share with you a tried-and-true wellness program for employees. Rather than focusing on individual growth, fostering employees’ wellbeing is also something that companies must place utmost importance on. This will, in return, create a more productive workplace with better productivity and performance. 

The tricky point is that how could we design a fitness program that truly brings everyone together, while also creating a sense of togetherness along the way? Companies that promote ways to optimize health and wellness have been proven to increase productivity and work environment.

How to design a fitness challenge that your employees will rave about?

First and foremost, we need to come up with something everyone is capable of doing – something to do with their daily routine. Think about it – your employees are diverse! You likely have employees of varying ages, fitness levels and physical abilities, so we’ll need to focus on some flexibility in mind while designing a challenge. One of the best ways is to adopt what they are already doing in their daily routine, that is – walking.

Walking is one of the simplest ways when it comes to encouraging physical activity. This is what everyone can participate in and enjoy without feeling overly tired.

Here’s the main factors that make a wellness program tick and appealing amongst employees are:

1. Exciting Incentives

They are more likely to get involved when there are incentives. There are two types of incentives; financial incentive and collectibles, all of which work well on attracting employees to participate in.

However, the factor that plays the key role is the “Reward Distribution System” which shouldn’t be relying on “Most Step Wins” otherwise the rewards will only be reserved for the jock. Sometimes, It might possibly lead to engaging in fraudulent activities.

The system should consider rewarding both for those who rise in the rankings as well as other participants – all participants, if it’s possible. However, If the value of rewards is too high, you might want to split rewards into tiers based on the consistency and lucky draws.

2. Easy But Fun

Easiness wins it all! Keep it simpler as much as possible – simple to learn, use and participate. This will make your employees interested in participating because it will not double their workload.

Further, you may want to add some fun by introducing the Team Competition. Not only does it promote communication skill, teamwork and working relationships among teammates, it also promotes positive social interactions, boost team cohesion, and improve engagement.

Building a team shouldn't be relying on gathering members who are already close to each other on the same team, instead, forming a new team as a mix. This will open up an opportunity to break the ice between each other, strengthen coworker bonds, and create an atmosphere of inclusivity.

Consistency is the key to a successful wellness program. People these days tend to have short attention spans and appreciate variety. if you want your programs to stay fresh and engaging – consider consistency. 

To foster a sense of community around the workplace, you'll need to put employees all across the team, and implement the rankings leaderboard. This will allow you to further the program to a greater level. For example, sporting events such as sports days, marathons, fitness competitions, and etc.

With healthier habits of employees comes increased productivity, performance, leadership and teamwork. This includes fostering a better lifestyle, while at the same time earning rewards.

Stands Out with Corporate Step Challenge

All of these have been meticulously designed and introduced to you through the application which provides a wide array of wellness programs curated especially for employees.

Getting started is easy and simple. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

1. Connect WIRTUAL app with Apple Health, Google Fit or Huawei Health.

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Connect with Health or Google Fit

2.Carry Your Phone With You While Going About Your Activity

3. Open Wirtual App Every Day for Your Step to Get Logged Automatically.

Open WIRTUAL application

Your steps taken throughout the day will be submitted to WIRTUAL automatically. However, employees need to check back to WIRTUAL app everyday to successfully auto submit walking steps; for only 30 seconds – that’s all it takes.

On top of this, you can create a step challenge in the form of a team competition – more fun, exciting and motivating.

Interface of your daily step count and company’s shared goal. 
Leaderboard displays the team taken the most steps and total step milestones.
View challenge details

Team competition is where everyone can take part in to compete as a team which can be divided into up to 20 teams for a competition of one step goal. For example, the total step goal is 1,000,000 steps, whichever team that achieves the goal in two months will win.

What makes the application tick is that it has been ideally designed to meet your company’s needs

✅ User-friendly – easy to learn, use and understand

✅ Fixed service without the committed subscriptions or additional charge

✅ Real-time leaderboard

✅ Easy payment via internet banking or credit/debit card

✅ Mobile compatibility

✅ Well-designed system giving you permission to create your own challenge on the platform

✅ Guidebook provided after creating the challenge

✅ Join the challenge via QR Code or create employees' personal code to prevent outsider entering without permission

✅ Privacy policy – all information will be treated with utmost confidentiality

✅ System has been proven by many leading companies

Getting Started with 3 Simple Steps

1. Select a Package

There are 2 packages to choose from

Step challenges comprises the following main packages:

  • Basic
  • Pro

Basic Package

Basic package is a default service best suited for the objective that encourages everyone in the company to work together towards the shared goal and build a sense of camaraderie and togetherness along the way.

Pro Package

For the large-scale company that has more employees, complex departments, we would suggest Pro Package as you can form up to 20 teams with unlimited members for an internal competition seeking for a team that has covered the most steps. In addition, being able to divide teams like this will encourage employees from different departments to get to know each other and create a sense of teamwork in the workplace. On top of this, there are special privileges included as follows:

✅ Private competition 

✅ Ability to pick out a team for each member

✅ Access group chat feature on WIRTUAL

Both packages provide unlimited participants –  regardless of the number of employees your company has, these two packages cover it all!

2. Fill out the Challenge Information.

Fill out the required information to create a challenge

Once you’ve successfully selected the package, the following step is to fill out the information and set up your challenge. The information required will vary depending on packages you selected. The challenge's details include information such as name, challenge description, length; start and end date. 

Further than that, there will be activity categories, total steps goal, and team members for your selection. In addition, you could even upload a list of employees in excel format to automate the system to send a QR Code for joining a challenge to employees via email. 

Actually, you don’t need to worry about the details such as adding a new member to the team or increasing the total step goal as it can be adjusted later.

3. Payment

Now that you've completely filled out the required information, it’s time to make a payment. Payment methods include credit/debit card, Promptpay, and QR code. Once the payment is successfully made, the system will generate a QR code that you may use to join the challenge. On top of this, we will send QR codes to the emails in the excel file that you have provided to us.

That’s it! Let’s create a fun step challenge in your company. If it’s a dashboard consisting of data, instruction and WIRTUAL’s guidebook you want, they are also available for you to download to make your experience at ease.

Total Expenses

Our packages comprise the entire company competition and the team competition

  • Basic Package costs 40,000 Baht/Month with unlimited participants
  • Pro Package costs 60,000 Baht/Month with up to 20 teams with unlimited team members.

The price is reasonable in comparison to the value that you and your employees stand to gain; not only does it help promote healthier habits, lessen the level of stress and uplift the positive and productive atmosphere at work, it also reduces healthcare costs and absenteeism. 

All of these can be done by simply creating a challenge on the platform and sharing QR Code to your employees. That’s it. It’s now about time to create an uplifting atmosphere at work and make a healthy lifestyle and well-being as part of your company culture.

* If you are not the right person to contact on this subject, we would certainly be appreciated if you could forward this email to the department who can bring this wellness initiative to life. We would also be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss the possibilities. Thank you in advance.

Contact us to create a step challenge for your company