How to balanced life with exercise to earn

A Balanced Life with Crypto

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A Balanced Life with Crypto

It is important in life to be able to balance work, family, and health. Most of us will find however, that we spend at least a third of our lives working. Because of this, we often forget to make time for those around us and can create a lot of problems in hindsight. Another part of our lives that could become neglected is our health, which could cause us to become ill more easily, make bodies weak, and have detrimental effects on our health in the future. The best way to mitigate this is to care for our health now and start exercising today. It is important to prioritize creating a healthier and more balanced life.

That being said, one thing that many struggle with is motivation to exercise. So many give up before they even start trying! In this article, we would like to introduce a new concept called “Exercise to earn”, or the ability to transform your exercise activities into cryptocurrency. Moving forward, we will explain how to begin exercising to earn and what kind of activities you can do to exercise to earn.

How Exercise Can Bring You a Happier and More Balanced Life

How exercise can bring you a healthy and balanced life
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Before we get into Exercise to Earn, let’s discuss how exercise can be beneficial towards creating a happier and more balanced life. Many may associate exercising with losing fat or building muscle, but in reality, exercise has so many more benefits. Exercise can improve both mental health and affect moods as well

When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins, or “happy hormones” which put us in a better mood and help us relax. Especially with running. As some runners may know, at a certain point in a long distance run, you may begin to experience “Runner’s High”.

Other than this, exercise can also mitigate any stress that may be brought on from work. This is because exercise signals your body to release Norepinephrine, which helps with stress management. All in all, exercise is beneficial not only towards your physical health, but mental and emotional health as well. It is worth putting the time and energy into consistently. According to the National Health Service (NHS), adults should be exercising no less than 150 minutes per day, which you can arrange and divide into 4-5 days of exercise per week, or even everyday. We would like to follow with recommending 5 exercises that you can begin doing today.

1. Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to workout for your mind and to feel more balance in your body and your life. Other than building strength, yoga also requires incredible focus and involves breathing techniques. This is a workout that you can even do easily from home. Today there are even many companies with office spaces that offer yoga classes to their employees. Anyone wishing to begin learning yoga on their own can easily get started with videos on YouTube.

2. Dance

Dancing is also an exercise that helps create balance in the body because it helps to strengthen the body as well as the mind. It helps to manage lung and heart health as well. Dancing also requires the use of your muscles. Dance comes in many forms such as hip-hop, jazz, or salsa, where each type of dance has its own rhythm, moves, and difficulty level. In any case, dance can be really fun, not to mention it will strengthen you along the way.

3. Running

Running is an exercise that you can get into easily, and there is no need for any equipment. With only a pair of shoes, you can go outside for a run. Running is an exercise that will help build endurance and strength. Not only will you work your legs, you will also workout your core, and even reduce many health risks such as heart diseases and other illnesses that affect cardiovascular health. There is also a Meta analysis study that collected data on a group of 200,000 participants found that running reduced the possibility of developing illnesses by 30%. Other than this, there has also been research done by Brigham Young University (BYU) which found that running reduced stress and even improved memory.

Now that you know how beneficial running can be, and if you are interested in building a more balanced and healthy life, this may be an avenue you would like to explore. Remember that the importance of exercise is in its ability to build strength in the mind and the body. It is an exercise that everyone must try!

4. Cycling

Cycling is another way to create more balance in your life. Whether it is exercising on a stationary bike at the gym, or getting on a more traditional one, you will be able to build your strength through this exercise, reduce health risks, and manage stress. An advantage of cycling, and the reason why so many love it is because it can be used as a means of transport, especially in bike-friendly cities. This helps to save on expenses and helps you spend your commute time more efficiently, killing two birds with one stone. 

5. Swimming

Swimming is an exercise that works out almost every part of your body from head to toe. Swimming also comes in many styles, with each style focusing on different muscles. On top of this, being underwater adds pressure, which means you require strength from your entire body. Swimming can vastly improve the health of your internal organs such as your heart and lungs as well. Anyone looking for a change of scenery from their usual running or cycling routine should try out swimming.

How to Earn Crypto While Exercising for a Balanced Life

At the beginning of this article we mentioned that you can earn an income while exercising through “Exercise to Earn”. You can make exercising more interesting and find motivation through exercise to earn since it allows you to earn cryptocurrency as you workout. You can use this cryptocurrency to purchase NFTs, trade on exchanges, or even hold onto it as a long term investment. You don’t need to be a professional athlete to make money from exercising anymore. Even as an amateur you can make an income from your activities.  

Today, there are applications like WIRTUAL that allow you to exercise to earn on the platform through “sweat mining”, that is, mining for cryptocurrency with your activity data. All you have to do is track your exercises as usual through a tracking device or application such as Strava, Fitbit, and Garmin (with Apple Health and Google Fit coming soon). Right now, you can track your running, walking, cycling, and swimming activities on WIRUTAL. You can begin to work on having a healthy and balanced life through working out with WIRTUAL, and even earn cryptocurrency and win NFTs on the side.

Other than WIRTUAL, you can also engage in “Move to Earn” activities from Genopets, which is a game that tracks your movements and uses it as a source to grow your pets in the game. Instead of sitting and playing the game, it encourages you to get up and move around. You can level up your pets by physically moving around more, then you can battle your pets with the pet’s of other players. You can even take your character on quests to find certain items in the game. In terms of making an income with this game, you can do that through selling your character or pet once you have taken it to a higher level. You can even sell those items that you find on quests with your character.


Making sure you have a balanced life is incredibly important. If you are healthy in mind and body, your work will inevitably improve as well. It is imperative that you look after your well-being now in order to live a long and comfortable life with minimal risk of developing any illnesses in the future. We recommend that you begin now with regular exercise, which you can easily get into by going running in a park nearby or choosing cycling over public transport. Don’t forget to also make time for those around you and foster these relationships.

For anyone that wants to get into the WIRTUAL Application for support in this journey, the application will be launching soon, but you can join the Community on telegrams in the meantime to stay up to date. If you need motivation or support, we hope you can find this on WIRTUAL– an application that allows you to exercise to earn, and inspires you to get out there and exercise.