9 WIRTUAL Technical Terms You Must Know! Vol.2

October 7, 2022

Volume 2 is here! We gathered a list of the most essential vocabularies from WIRTUAL to make your exercise-to-earn much easier. What are they and what do they mean? Let’s get started!

1. NFT Costume

NFT Costume

(N.) A tradable Avatar’s costume items that raise your Max Receive and Submission to increase $WIRTUAL earned. Buy your NFT Costume now >> https://wirtual.co/avatar-clothes In the near future, we will have an NFT Marketplace for NFT trading between users worldwide.

2. In-App item

In-App Item

(N.) An untradable Avatar’s costume item that also improve sweat mining efficiency but less than NFT or not provide any stats. Because in-app items cannot be traded or purchased, they are distributed among WIRTUAL's challenges and events. 

3. Airdrop Campaign

Airdrop Campaign

(N.) Giveaway activities from WIRTUAL with rules to follow for all participants to win our special prizes. WIRTUAL Airdrop Campaigns will be continuously created throughout the year via our platform or Gleam. Airdrop Campaign will not only provide NFT items as a reward, but also physical products as well. Stay tuned for more updates on our social media!

4. Sweat Mining

Sweat Mining

(N.) A crypto-mining process through exercises, known as one of the main concepts of WIRTUAL. For WIRTUAL, we define it as ‘Sweat Mining’, which we exercising instead of using crypto-mining tools. The more you sweat, the more coins you get. 



(N.) A virtual world that your avatar can participate in, and being the center for WIRTUALERs worldwide. Currently, WIRTUALVERSE is still under development at the moment. Please stay tuned for our update! For now, you can create your own Avatar in the Avatar Lobby, Here>> https://app.wirtualverse.com/

6. Metaverse Bank By WIRTUAL

Metaverse Bank by WIRTUAL

(N.) A banking system on Metaverse, with features including deposits, currency exchanges, and much more to come! At present, Savings is an only available feature on Metaverse Bank. You can save your $WIRTUAL for interests and chances to win our exceptional rewards. 

7. Badge


(N.) An achievement system that you can get after completing a challenge. Some badges can be redeemed for exclusive rewards. In each challenge, our badge designs are different. You can collect your own badges as your own trophy collection. Let’s join our challenges and complete your trophy case!

8. Badge Redemption

Badge Redemption

(N.) A badges exchange event. Now, Under Armour Thailand badge is available for redemption for UA products, and more brands are coming! Throughout the entire year, you can trade-off your badge with Under Armour Thailand by joining the Challenge UA Run Crew. Along with submitting your results in the challenge, collecting badges, and exchanging your badges. You can exchange your badge here >> https://business.wirtual.co/badge-redemption 

9. Guild War

Guild War

(N.) An exercise team battle to conquer the ‘Castle’ in WIRTUALVERSE and a chance to win more exclusive rewards. In the meantime, you can create your own guild by following these steps,

  1. Go to >> https://app.wirtualverse.com/
  2. Login with your phone number synced with WIRTUAL
  3. Click ‘Guild’
  4. Click ‘Create Guild’

More information about Guild War >> https://document.wirtual.co/documents-th/guild-war