9 WIRTUAL Technical Terms You Must Know!

September 27, 2022

Today, we gathered a list of the most essential vocabularies from WIRTUAL to make your exercise-to-earn much easier. What are they and what do they mean? Let’s get started!

1. Max Receive

Max Receive

(N.) The maximum amount of $WIRTUAL you can receive per day.

The amount of Max Receive is based on your Holders Level and the items that your avatar is wearing. For example, if your Max Receive is +5 $WIRTUAL, it means that you can receive a maximum of 5 $WIRTUAL per day.

2. Submission


(N.) The maximum amount of submissions you can make per day.

The more submissions you have, the more times you can submit your exercise results, but you will not get $WIRTUAL exceeds your Max Receive no matter how many times you submit the results.

3. Challenge


(N.) A feature for you to join in by submitting your activity results in exchange for $WIRTUAL. There are free and paid challenges available for you to choose.

All you need is a Smartwatch for submitting your exercise results from 6 activities; Running, Walking, Cycling, Swimming, Dancing, and Weight training.

4. Easy Mode

Easy Mode

(N.) An auto-track step feature that automatically counts every step-like movement you make during the day with your smartphone

An Easy Mode is located on the Feed page, all you need to do is click on ‘Connect’ and the system will count your steps via Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android).

5. Competition Mode

Competition Mode

(N.) A challenge for you to participate in and compete against your friends and users worldwide.

You can submit your workout data tracked on your smartwatch to trade it in for $WIRTUAL. Competition Mode offers a wide variety of exercise challenges, also a ranking system that can make your exercise more challenging.

6. Avatar


(N.) A representation of yourself in the world of WIRTUAL, which can be equipped with various NFT items such as clothing and accessories. 

You can create your Avatar by following steps:

  • Click ‘Menu’
  • Click ‘Avatar Lobby’ 

In the step of creating an Avatar, you can design your Avatar’s appearance, skins, or even hairstyles as you want.

7. Internal Wallet

Internal Wallet

(N.) A wallet that collects $WIRTUAL from submitting the results of your exercise activities. More $WIRTUAL you hold in your internal wallet, more special privileges you will unlock on the platform.

You can enter your Internal Wallet through the Wallet icon on WIRTUAL right away!

8. External Wallet

External Wallet

(N.) A wallet where you can transfer $WIRTUAL in or out with other crypto wallets and keep your coins and NFT securely.

To create an External Wallet, a 4-digit Master Pin is required. Do not forget these PIN! WIRTUAL take no responsibilities in case you forget your Master PIN.

9. Holders Level

Holders Level

(N.) A feature relating to the amount of $WIRTUAL held in your internal wallet. The more $WIRTUAL you hold, the more special privileges you will unlock on the platform.

You can find more of the Holders Level rewards and privilege from WIRTUAL on this Page >> https://document.wirtual.co/documents-th/holders-level