6 Benefits of Working Out with WIRTUAL

June 6, 2022

Whether you’re an avid fitness person, or you’re just getting into the habit of exercising, you’ve probably looked up a fitness related app and some point and have been overwhelmed with the amount of workout apps on offer. Being so spoiled for choice, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. WIRTUAL is a workout app, but it is unlike any other. From its accessibility and virtual interactiveness to its exercising to earn scheme (which allows you to sweat mine for cryptocurrency) to the prizes you could win–– the possibilities are endless. If you’re interested in knowing what makes WIRUTAL special and if this is the application for you, read on to learn a few things that make working out with WIRTUAL incomparable to any other application.

What makes WIRTUAL different from other exercise applications?

WIRUTAL is an app that is the first of its kind. It allows you to enter running, walking, cycling, or swimming challenges where you can compete with others or work in groups. Completing challenges can earn you prizes as well as cryptocurrency (WIRTUAL coins) which can be used to purchase virtual or tangible items on our store including NFT wearables as well as tangible sports apparel that you can wear! Read on to see more details on the benefits of using WIRTUAL as your guide to exercise.

What are the Benefits of Working Out with WIRUTAL?

1. Workout Anytime, Anywhere

As a virtual fitness app, you can workout anytime, anywhere with WIRTUAL. No equipment necessary! Just choose the challenge you would like to join whether it’s in running, walking, cycling, or swimming. You can choose to perform your workout at a gym on a treadmill / stationary bike or outdoors. There are challenges at all levels in terms of speed and distance, so you can choose whatever best fits your own personal goals. The options are limitless!

2. Socialize Without Having to Meet

Depending on where you are in the world, the gyms may be closed and it might be difficult for you to meet new people and socialize. WIRTUAL has you covered here. On a virtual fitness app, you can interact and compete while you get your workout in– it doesn’t have to be a solo activity. On the platform, you will be surrounded by a community of people, all bettering their health and working towards their own personal goals. You can get to know the new people you are competing with, or working together with in these challenges. You can even invite your friends to compete with you or join a group challenge.

3. Earn Cryptocurrency

You can run, walk, bike, or swim with WIRTUAL. You probably do at least one of those things anyway, so why not make some bank while you're at it? All you have to do it track your activity on your usual app or device (make sure it’s connected with the WIRTUAL application), the app is compatible with Strava, Fitbit and Garmin (with Apple Health and Google Fit coming soon). Then you can choose to have your tracked workouts submitted automatically to WIRTUAL if you would like to earn cryptocurrency (WIRUTAL coins). 

Our WIRTUAL coins can then be used as discounts on tangible store items (including items from our business partners) including sports apparel, health related items, and even travel rewards! You can also purchase virtual items such as NFTs that improve your sweat mining efficiency (allowing you to make more submissions of activity results per day or allow you to earn more WIRTUAL coins per activity submission). On top of this, you can even save your WIRTUAL coins for entering paid challenges on the platform (although you can earn crypto on free challenges too!)

4. Win Prizes

Completing certain challenges will allow you to win prizes. In terms of prizes, we have NFT apparel for your Avatar to improve the efficiency of your sweat mining. There are also WIRTUAL coins on offer, if you are interested in have more coins, whether its to increase your holder level, or to spend on store items and enter more challenges. We even have tangible prizes on offer such as sports apparel. 

When entering a challenge– paid or free, consider what you would like to win and what would motivate you to get through the challenge and reach your goals! Check out the prizes on offer within the various challenges and earn your reward.

5. Compete with Friends, Regardless of Your Fitness Device

If you’re a regularly active person, you may be familiar with having the issue of connectivity. If you and your friends are into fitness, it is fun to compete and interact. However, if you use different smart watches, then you won’t be able to see each other’s progress, engage in competition (and trash talk), or motivate each other. And if you’re going through a lockdown period, or just don’t have a gym membership you may find it to be difficult to interact with others in a way that could potentially make exercising so much more fun.

Well, by downloading our free application, you can exercise and compete directly with one another, without having to join a gym or meet in person and without having to own the same smart watches..

6. Motivation Factor

WIRTUAL will motivate you to stay on track unlike any other application out there. We make exercising accessible, flexible, and convenient. WIRTUAL creates an interactive atmosphere so you can meet new people and engage more with your friends, bringing fun back into what might have become a boring routine. 

And maybe you’ll think twice about skipping your exercise when there are W coins on the line, or when you’re only half a km run away from winning that pair of shoes you were eyeing on the store, or if you’re competing with a group and you see your peers pushing themselves to the finish line. 


WIRTUAL creates a holistic experience with exercise. It is convenient and flexible (allowing you to work out anywhere at anytime), fosters socialization with the community, is a channel for you to earn cryptocurrency that has real-life value, offers prizes for completing challenges, brings people together and will motivate you to stick with the challenges your have set out to complete.

This isn’t your typical “Get abs in two weeks” program. WIRTUAL isn’t here to sell you a dream. We’re here to inspire a journey towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and with our application, we hope to motivate you and support you along the road to achieving your goals.