5 NFT Games & Activities You Shouldn't Miss Out On

November 12, 2021

In recent years, blockchain has evolved massively and now has even borne something we call NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), making transfers no longer limited to just the transfer of currency, but now can include the transfer of ownership and information. NFTs include digital art, songs, videos, and even items in games.

Many may think that NFTs can only be in the form of digital art, but in reality, NFTs can exist in many industries. A type of NFT that is gaining popularity is NFTs in games and activities. NFTs in games have has growing due to the nature of many games and activities that are tied to the online world as well as applications where anyone can join easily without any barriers to entry. NFTs have been able to provide many with huge profits and is also a new way of making investments. With the growth of this new for of NFTs, you may have heard of phrases such as “Exercise to Earn” and “Play to Earn”. In this article, we will explore the 5 most interesting NFT games and activities today.

Before we get into the 5 most interesting NFT games and activities, let’s get a deeper understanding of what NFTs are.


What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are assets, or digital coins. They are unique works that cannot be copied or duplicated and there are no two of the same. Only one of each NFT exists. Even if the loo of the NFT is copied, the NFT itself will always remain as the only one of its kind.

NFTs are not limited to works of digital art, but can really be anything, For example, NFTs in the gaming world. Players in a game can sell assets within the games, and some of these assets can be NFTs. NFT items are usually limited to having certain amounts. Some NFT items are rarer than others.

What are NFT games and NFT activities?

NFT activities, namely NFTs in the world of exercising exists as a platform where you can exercise in exchange for cryptocurrency. On the platform you can also purchase NFTs with that cryptocurrency which you can then sell, hold or trade.

NFT games are similar to NFT activities, except instead of exercising, you play games and the cryptocurrency earned is through collecting items within the games to sell (for coins), hold or trade. 

How to make money from NFT games and NFT activities?

There are two ways in which you can make money with NFT Games and Activities:

1. Play / Move / Exercise to Earn

These platforms tend to provide token rewards from playing, moving, or exercising. It has quickly become a popular way to boost income as it provides a steadier stream of crypto revenue. Often, the amount you can make on these games and activities are based on demand from the market as well as the individual policies on each platform. This way is better for those seeking a steadier and slower way of making income.

2. Buy, Sell, Trade

If you are interested in a faster way to make a larger amount of crypto, you might be interested in buying, selling, and trading. Though this may give you more income, it also requires more dedication to understanding the mechanisms of the marketplace on whichever platform it is that you’re on. Other than buying to sell onwards, you can even start with earning, which we discussed above, and then selling what you have been rewarded.

Our top 5 picks for NFT games and activities are:

1. Axie Infinity (AXS Coin)

A game created in Vietnam, this is the first NFT game on the blockchain world and it works through Ethereum’s ecosystem. This game gets its inspiration from Pokemon. It is a game that is based on taking care of your own monsters, growing them to be strong to then fight with other monsters belonging to other users. The winner of the fight wins AXS coins (this is the game’s coin, which allows you to undergo any financial activity on the platform, as well as trade externally on cryptocurrency exchanges).

The most interesting thing about Axie is that wishing the game, you can also breed these monsters and items that you find on the game can be sold (for ETH) or traded on the Axie marketplace. This allows many people to make an income from the game, making it a staple in the world of NFT games.



The WIRTUAL application is NFT activities in the form of exercise. It is the first exercise to earn platform in the world, that will transform regular exercise routines into opportunities to make an income. By tracking you workout and submitting your results to the platform, you can compete with others and earn cryptocurrency. This mechanism is called “Sweat Mining”. These WIRTUAL coins can then be used to buy virtual items on the platform including NFTs, as well as discounts of physical items.

There are 4 types of exercises available on the platform: running, walking, cycling, and swimming. Tracking of our workout s can by done through your usual fitness devices including Fitbit and Garmin as well as through applications such as Strava (Apple Health and Google Fit coming soon).

NFTs can also be bought, sold, and traded through the Wirtual marketplace. These NFTs also come in tiers based on how common or rare the item is, with the highest tier “Mythic” only having 10 items. Users can also create their own NFTs  in the form of an Avatar outfit (a feature that is unlocked when you hold a high amount of WIRTUAL coins in your wallet on the platform). A user that creates their own NFTs can also enjoy the benefits of being able to sell their creations for an income.

With this being the first of its kind, primed to revolutionize fitness as well as the world of cryptocurrency, the WIRTUAL application is one to watch in the near future.


3. Sorare (ETH)

Sorare is another game that footfall fans love. This game allows you to collect cards of world class football players and use them to compete in leagues. The game has partnered with over 150 football clubs including Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint Germain as well as major leagues such as LaLiga, Premier League, and J League.

The cool thing about this game is that the performance of the players in the game are based on the performance of those players in real life. This is reflected through a point system on the game’s platform. Players on the platform can also win football cards that are Rare, Super Rare, and Unique. 

When new users join the platform they will be given football cards in the “common” tier to begin with, which can be sold as well, but mainly thy are meant to help the player collect points in the beginning. When the league comes to a close at the end of every week, the players can receive prizes depending on the league they are in. For example, in the Global All Star league, the player that has collect the most points will win an additional 3,546 points and a Super Rare card, which can be sold on the market to receive Ethereum (ETH).


4. Genopets (GENE Tokens)

Genopets is another game that works through the Solana ecosystem.  Many have turned their interest to this game due to Solana’s huge growth of 1,900% in the last year, landing itself in the top 10 of all cryptocurrencies. It has reached a market valuation of 1.9 billion USD. Because of this, Genopets has become one to watch.

Genopets has introduced a new concept of “Move to Earn”. Its inspiration comes from Pokemon Go, in which players physically move around and explore to find pets. The movement is tracked through the Strava application and Fitbit.

In terms of income, players of Genopets can use their pets in missions to explore hidden places to look for items and enter fights with the pets of other players. The tracking part will check how much we are moving and walking, allowing us to level up out pets in the game. These pets can also be bought, sold, and traded on the Genopets Marketplace.


5. Townstar (GALA Coin)

Town Star is a game that lets players take care of their own farms from finding land to hiring farm hands. Players can buy, sell and trade on the platform. This puts players in ranks before the end of a week. Those with enough points that put them in the 1-100 rank gets rewarded with GALA coins, which once traded for real currency, could be equivalent to 350-900 USD. This game allows its players a great payoff in terms of rewards. If you are a keen strategist, you can make money even as a free player (without having to invest any real money into the platform).



In this day and age, cryptocurrency and NFTs are beginning to play a real role in finances. From NFT Art, to new innovations in exercise that incorporate cryptocurrencies, this asset is truly everywhere these days. If you are ever losing motivation to exercise, or bored of playing the same old games, you should try out NFT games and activities which allow you to have fun while making a passive income.