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5 Hobbies That Can Also Provide an Income

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5 Hobbies That Can Also Provide an Income

It can often be difficult to make a decent income working in this day and age. Because of that, having only one main source of income is not longer the way of the future. Many people are looking outside of their regular 9 to 5 for additional income to help cover their expenses.

But finding additional work to take on outside of your full time job is no easy feat. You would just end up overworking yourself, ending up exhausted day in and day out and doing work that you may not even be interested in. But what if you could spend more of your time doing something you actually enjoy? What if that very activity also allowed you to make an income?

This article discusses 5 hobbies that you can begin doing to make easy money on the side. And who knows, if you stick to it, and get really good at it, spending time on your hobbies could even end up being your primary source of income.

What are some techniques you can use to find hobbies that will provide you with an income? 

If you are looking for a hobby to get into that you want to also use as a possible way of making some extra money, you should begin by asking yourself 3 questions:

What are you interested in?

Being genuinely interested or passionate about something will provide you with the fuel you need to do your very best. This is imperative because making money from your hobbies isn’t always going to be a walk in the park. Taking on extra work, even if this work is a hobby, can be tiring. But if you’re doing something you truly love, it lights a fire in you that will keep you going, even if you’re exhausted.

What are you good at?

Your aptitude will drive your talent, and this will make you feel less tired, even if you’ve had a really packed day. When you are doing something you’re actually good at, you will be able to deliver something of quality, and you’ll be able to do it quickly and efficiently. Make a list of all the things you’re good at and all the things you love to do. From here you can start looking for something that suits you.

How can my passion and know-how be useful?

Now that you know what you want to do, and what you’re good at, how can you turn this into an income? How can this fix a problem for someone else? Or how does this ass value? All of this depends on how you want to deliver your passion and know-how. This may have to take some imagination on your part– whether it’s building you knowledge in sales, or providing a service that solves a problem.


5 Hobbies that can also provide an income for you 

Once you answer the above questions for yourself, and figure out what it is you should be doing, let’s take a look at the trendiest ways to make a little money on the side today. Below you will find 5 hobbies that are suited for all different lifestyles that will hopefully give you an idea of what you can do as well.

1. Gaming

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Gaming has been a fun pastime for many, for a while now. Selling items within a game isn’t exactly a new way to make money. On top of this, many will live stream their gaming as another way to make an income from gaming. Streaming is widely popular due to its fun commentary which many find entertaining to watch. If you want to go this route, you can always begin your steaming through YouTube or Twitch, and make your money from views or donations from you viewers that want to support you.

Other than the “traditional” way of making an income from gaming, there are also NFT games which has been gaining traction very quickly in the past year. This popularity is to how simple it is to play a game over the internet or on and app and make an income. This income received from NFT games are in digital form, also known as cryptocurrency.

2. Exercise

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 Yes, exercise. A simple thing that anyone can do, and something that many already do to stay healthy. Now you may think that the only way to make money from exercise is if you’re a professional athlete or if you enter competitions where you can win prize money.

But in this day and age, making an income from exercise is far more inclusive than you think. Anyone can do it through mechanism call “sweat mining” where you can transform your sweat from running, walking, cycling, and swimming into cryptocurrency. This new way of making money from exercising is definitely something to watch. The only investment you need to make to get something out of this, it to exercise!

3. Writing articles or fiction

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 Writing is s skill that pretty much anyone can develop. From reading, to the writing you did in your school days, to even the writing you do on your social media posts. You can harness all of this into something that can provide you with some extra income on the side.

You might want to begin with smaller bits of writing, like maybe writing social media posts to test the waters and see if anyone is interest in your writing. Once you find something interesting to write about, you can find an online platform where you can write your articles, stories, or even a novel. There are many platforms that offer this service such as Wattpad or Webtoon.

4. Photography

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If you are someone that enjoys taking pictures whether its scenic images, portraits or people, or anything else, and you think you’re skilled in this area, you can put your picture onto various platforms in order to copyright your picture. Some of these platforms include Shutterstock or iStockphoto. You can make income from the people who like your image, and download the file to use in their own work. 

Moreover, you can even use your art to sell on various NFT art platforms such as Opensea or Foundation. You will get an income from allowing your image to be transformed into a digital asset such as cryptocurrency.

5. Playing music 

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Playing music is a form of entertainment that can really bring joy to people. If you are skilled at playing a certain instrument, you can take this talent that you have and turn it into a way for you to make an income. You can use this to make an income online from providing lessons, or even covering songs and making it your own style.

Playing music is a leisurely activity that many use to help them feel more relaxed. This makes it an ideal way to provide happiness and fun to all listeners.


These are 5 typical hobbies and how to turn them into a way of making an income. But of course, the hobbit mentioned above are really just an example. Something you can take for inspiration. After all, there are so many more things that are not in this list that could be a fun way for ou to make little extra money.

All you have to do is really question yourself, and figure out what you’e truly interested in, what you’re skilled at, and how you can make turn it into something that’s useful. Once you figure this out, it will help you to begin to look for ways to make it happen, and for you to set goals for yourself. The final, and perhaps most important thing you need to remember is, you will need discipline to make this work. Having discipline will help you in being consistent in carrying out your plans and in making your income steady.